Aren’t you satisfied with the aroma and flavor you wish to get from Darjeeling tea? It is because brewing Darjeeling blend is a pretty delicate process. If you ignore any step of steeping, you will certainly lose its authentic taste and flavor.

Things that Ensure Right Steeping of All Varieties of Darjeeling Tea

The very first thing is to buy premium quality Darjeeling tea from some authentic company. If the tea leaves are not fresh and your pack is not genuine, you will not get a perfect cup of this blend. However, there are certain essential things to consider before brewing tea. Want to know what are they? Here you are –

  • Do not use tap water

Use only soft water for preparing a cup of Darjeeling brew. Make sure that the water does not contain iron, chlorine and salt. These impurities spoil the actual flavor and taste of this tea. Use water from a modernized water purifier or packed drinking water.

  • Properly store the tea leaves

Proper storage of the tea leaves can create a difference in the taste of brew. Tea leaves stored in airtight aluminum container retain its natural aroma.

  • Use proper accessory

Do you know that using proper tea accessory is essential for getting right flavor and aroma of the blend? Well, many do not know this. China porcelain pots are the best for preparing Darjeeling tea. You should preferably use one tea pot for brewing one type of blend.

  • Ensure proper infusion

For correct infusion, first put tea leaves and then hot water into the pot. Using metallic infusion balls is not a right decision. Give the leaves sufficient space for expansion.

  • Correct steeping time is important

You should know that steeping time varies according to the kind of tea you are using, its flush, type of liquor you want and the amount of leaves added to the water. You can know the perfect time through trial and error.

  • Do not add sugar or milk

If you want to enjoy authentic aromatic taste of Darjeeling tea, you should not add sugar or milk to your liquor. Drinking the liquor as it is will give you real pleasure of Darjeeling brew. Adding one or two drops of lemon juice can be a good idea.

Making a Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Tea  

Enjoying the evening from the comforts of your armchair with a cup of Darjeeling tea! Nothing like it! How to make a perfect cup of Darjeeling blend? Here are some easy steps for you.

  • Rinse your cup with boiling water and make it warm.
  • Put a single-cup infuser inside the cup.
  • Pour a tea spoon of tea leaves in the infuser.
  • Pour boil water and steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Take away the infuser.
  • Your cup of Darjeeling brew is ready.

So, it is as simple as that! Try it and have pleasure of your favorite blend!