Organic Darjeeling tea is surely a top quality blend and you should ensure that you reap maximum reward from it. To have the pleasure of every cup of Darjeeling, you should carefully store it. For any tea, storage is very important. When you store a tea properly, you can enjoy it to the fullest for a long period of time. Have a look at some simple tips of storing tea so that you can enjoy its improved taste and flavor for a prolong time.
  • Airtight container is the best
You should make sure that your pack of darjeeling tea is sealed and kept away from other elements and oxygen. Since tea leaves are dried substances, they are easily spoiled when exposed to moisture. Therefore, airtight container is a suitable choice in all respect to make your organic Darjeeling tea last longer.
  • No mixing with strong odors
You definitely know that tea easily gets contaminated with substances and foods having strong odors. It absorbs their smell and its own flavor gets destroyed. Spices, onions, garlic and cheese – everything that affects your nose will also affect tea leaves. So, keep your pack of Darjeeling tea away from all these.
  • Away from warm temperature and direct sunlight
Just as moisture and dust spoil a brew, similarly excessive heat also ruins any blends. When it is organic Darjeeling tea, then this chance is more. Tea is physically and chemically affected when they are kept in close proximity direct rays of sun or warm temperature. So, keep Darjeeling tea in a dark cool cupboard to prevent this. This will not degrade the flavor.
  • Separate the blends
Will you like to rub two favorite cheeses together? Definitely no! Similarly, you should not keep two variants of tea close to one another, especially if one of them is a strong flavored one like green or jasmine tea and the other is Earl Grey brew. As long as you keep organic Darjeeling tea leaves in some sealed container, chance of cross contamination can be avoided. But, you should have proper label for each of the blends so that they are not mixed up. So, now you understand how you will store organic Darjeeling tea for prolong time to ensure that you enjoy full flavored tea every time. Since organic blends are naturally harvested, their taste and aroma are preserved, if a little bit of care if taken in their storage.