Dynamic oolong has a lovely fragrance! Pleasure of this blend unfurls with repeated infusion. So, if you want to explore the exciting flavor of this tea, steep oolong in small and versatile vessels. Avid tea drinkers discover that preparation of oolong is more like a journey than a process.

Want to get started with it? Here you are –

What will you require?

While choosing vessel for this blend, remember that its leaves need space for expansion and at the same time, the vessel has to be of practical size so that repeated infusions can take place. Have you heard of gaiwans? They are practical use as well as easy. Yixing clay teapots whose walls can absorb the beverage and produce a patina and essence suitable to oolong are best suited for preparing this blend.

How will you steep it?

  • As you normally do, take fresh water – spring water or the filtered ones will be the right choice, if you want to enjoy oolong’s best flavor.   


  • Fill the pot with sufficient quantity of the leaves – 2 to 3 tablespoons full of oolong leaves. However, in case of spherical, rolled oolongs, use less tea since it requires more space to unfold itself and if you are using twisted, striped- shaped leaves, you have to take more of it.


  • Heat water and rinse the leaves quickly so that they are prepared for first infusion. You have to heat water between 185-205° F.


  • Now, come to the steeping method. It can vary according to what kind of experience you want. Some companies suggest to steep oolong teas for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeated reinfusion will produce a wonderful flavored cup of oolong tea. Try it out today!

Keep tasting the brew as you prepare it; you will see that it reveals it character in layers. The taste is just awesome!!!

What will you experience?   

Dark or light, Chinese or Taiwanese, twisted or rolled – every variety of oolong blends will be a great addition to your palate. Start the day by sipping a cup of this tea! All you have to do is get familiar with the process of reinfusion, temperature and time. Only then you will get the most desirable flavor you want in your cup.

You can also try something different with oolong tea. How about having oolong iced tea? Put some sugar, ice and double the tea leaves for brewing this and a cup of cold tea is ready. So, do experiment with your favorite beverage…