is the most popular variety among the consumers. More than 75% of tea lovers go for this option. Isn’t that so? One well known variety in this type is the Assam black tea. Its malty flavor and the tinge of fruitiness are liked by all.

As you can understand from the name, this variety is harvested in one of the largest tea growing estate – Assam. When it gets the ideal weather condition, it renders the taste that you all look for in Assam black tea.

Though there is the myth that black tea is not so very beneficial to health, yet indulging in Assam black brews frequently has proved to be beneficial for physical and mental well being. It is advised that tea drinkers should sip a cup of this variety in moderate rate. Over drinking in large quantities can be risky. However, this blend has so many advantages that it outweighs the few drawbacks.

Let’s now focus on the health benefits of this Assam beverage…

A cup of this brew offers a wonderful combo of health benefits with great taste.

  • It increases blood circulation which, in turn, lowers the risk of heart attacks.
  • A cup full of Assam tea also helps to improve immunity system.
  • As a result, the risk of cell damage is also lessened thereby reducing the chances of cancer.
  • Assam tea de-stresses you soothing your nerves. When you are tensioned or have been going through a hectic day, have a cup of Assam black tea. You will feel relaxed.
  • You know the vital nutrients present in this beverage can give protection against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • This variety of tea can strengthen your teeth and fight cavity.
  • Drinking tea and losing weight is a modern concept and this Assam blend helps in this too. It burns excess fat by boosting the metabolism rate.

Do you like to hook to a cup of coffee in between works? Switch over to black tea. it’s a healthier alternative since caffeine content in black tea is same as that of coffee but it has more healthy than coffee. The best part of this tea is it boosts up your energy level and keeps you active all round the day. So, now you can relax and do your work with ease; just have a cup of Assam black tea. Isn’t this better than a cup of coffee every day?