So, summer days have finally hit! It is becoming hotter and hotter and you all must have experienced some good warm days very recently. During these days, there are few things that can cool you down. You look for a beverage that can chill you in these hot days. Isn’t it? Tea is the perfect choice. Don’t want that hot mug of tea? Not to worry! It can be transformed to a chilling beverage perfect for summer – iced tea.

Are you bored of the same old flavor of iced tea? Here is something new for you – some new flavors of the old beverage!

Cool Invigorating Iced Teas for Hot Summer Days

  • Peach Mango White Iced Tea

Not everyone likes black tea. White tea is much lighter and often has a refreshing flavor making it the perfect choice for iced tea. If you want to enjoy that light taste with a little twist of fruits – peach mango iced brew s the right choice for you. You will need fresh mango and peaches, white tea and sugar or your natural sweetener.

From this icy cool beverage, you will not only cherish the nutritive value of fresh fruits but also will get the highest level of ECGC present in white blends. With this summer drink, you give your body extra support for fighting aging and, at the same time, boost up metabolism rate. So, won’t you like to try peach mango white iced tea once?

  • Matcha Mint Iced Tea

Matcha has been in the tea community for a quite a long time. There are many health benefits of matcha blends as well. People generally brew this blend hot but it can also be brewed cold adding a refreshing twist to it. The best part of this cool beverage is it does not take a long time in preparation.

All you have to do is shake matcha and ice-cold water together till the lumps vanish. Then add mint leaves, lime slices and ice and its ready. You have a mug of cold delicious way of beating the heat. Prefer to make this drink a little sweeter? Just add sugar or honey in right proportion.

  • Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is in tradition for a long time and it is called “house wine of the South”. Try it and you will understand why. Just brew 6 or 7 tea bags of Luzianne and pour it over a sweet syrup or sugar. Then store this liquor in some gallon pitcher. While serving it, cover it with lots of ice. Doesn’t it sound great??? You can also create healthier versions of this sweet blend. How? Use organic black blend and sweeten the brew with raw honey or organic sugar or maple syrup.

So, cool off with a healthy and newly flavored beverage this summer!