Tea is the second-most consumed beverage across the globe after water. This beverage is being cultivated in the foothills of the Himalayas as well as in plain lands of Assam. Tea cultivation takes place on a huge scale in this country and also incur substantial amount of revenue. But, tea farming is in jeopardy due to certain reasons like impact of harmful pesticides, changes in weather pattern soil erosion. All these result in reduced yields of tea and lower income of farmers.

Due to these drawbacks, tea companies have now started organic farming where cultivation takes place in natural way without any use of pesticides, fertilizers or artificial additives. This not only produces healthy beverage but also protects the livelihood of the farmers. Rainforest Alliance is one of the certifications for organic tea cultivation.

Rainforest Alliance Certification – What is it?

Rainforest Alliance certified teas are healthy and are of top quality as they are produced in a natural way. They have a distinct taste and natural aroma and flavor that are quite different from the other blends in the market. Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are entitled to use methods that can protect farmers’ health, their land and livelihood and their surrounding waterways. Rainforest Alliance promotes farming techniques that protect a land for the future generation. Now, the question is – “Who is Rainforest Alliance?”

Well, Rainforest Alliance is a non-government organization (NGO) that works for conserving biodiversity. This organization ensures sustainable livelihood of farmers through transformation of business practices, practices of using land and consumer behavior. Certification from this organization is internationally recognized for social, economic and environmental sustainability.

What do you mean by Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea?

This organization aims at helping tea growers in addressing environmental and social challenges that they face in the process of tea cultivation. This includes pollutions from pesticides and fertilizers, need of firewood, water supply and soil erosion. Rainforest Alliance promotes sustainable farming to ensure better working condition and increased revenue.

Teas with Rainforest Alliance certification are produced in natural method like manual weeding. Farmers create vegetative barriers for capturing agrochemical surplus. Again, for preventing soil erosion grasses are planted in the steep banks. Waste water is also treated for later use. Rainforest Alliance provides farmers all kinds of tools to prevent environmental degradation and preserve health of soil. Farming methods of Rainforest Alliance help farmers to improve tea quality and their production. Implementing these techniques tea farmers can have a bright future and better livelihood.