Tea is a healthy beverage and this is really great news for tea fanatics. Different varieties of teas – oolong, black, white and green – are produced from camellia senesis. This implies that drinkers will experience same benefits no matter what variety of tea they drink. The difference lies in their way of processing and oxidation.

Now, let’s find out which variant of this beverage contains maximum antioxidants.

Antioxidant Level in Different Varieties of the Blends


Oolong blends undergo fermentation for a short time period. Thus, they contain greater amount of polyphenols and its caffeine content is also quite similar to that of green brews.


This beverage is produced from mature leaves which are not oxidized or fermented. Green blends contain catechins, a very common flavonoid present in this brew. Green tea is believed to have the greatest health benefits. This variant has low caffeine content and contains lots of polyphenols.


Black blends are completely oxidized and during oxidation, flavonoids present in them called catechins are transformed to tannins. The brew gets its dark color because of these tannins. Specialty of this blend is that antioxidant level of black tea before and after oxidation is the same. Research says that consuming 3 or more cups of black tea lessen risk of heart attack.


Green and white blends are manufactured in the same process. The only difference is that white teas are produced from young leaves and buds. They are dried under the sun, which raises the level of catechins but not tannins. It is said that white blends are beneficial to cardiovascular problems like green and black brews.

Is There Any Tea Which You Can Say Is The Best?

Well, there is nothing called the “best tea” which has maximum amount of antioxidants. Different kinds of blends have different degrees of antioxidants that have significant impact on human body. So, from now on, don’t think of the best tea. Whichever blend you drink, you get antioxidants like tannins and catechins. They boost up immune system, improve skin, promote cardiovascular health and lessen the probability of cancer.

Rather, what you should consider and be conscious of is the amount of caffeine you consume every day. Moderate amount of caffeine is not injurious to health but too much caffeine consumption has adverse effect on human body. Tea will then do more harm than bring well being to your health.

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