Tea is the herbal drink that is quite popular since ancient times. Recently, green brews are considered as healthy drink and its organic variant is all the more healthy since they are produced through natural methods. Green tea blends can prevent different health conditions like weight loss, ageing and other diseases and help to stay fit and fine.

Ageing is becoming a big problem in this polluted environment. Drinking green blends every day can reduces this problem. How? It is because this variant is least processed and therefore, it is rich in nutrient and has amazing antioxidant property which is present in organic green teas naturally.

How green tea fights ageing problem?

  • Green blends are rich in vitamin C, cartenoids and polyphenols. Cartenoids are natural chemical compounds that have strong antioxidant effects. They help to improve metabolism and hence, assist in losing a few pounds from the body. As a result, unnecessary fat does not accumulated in the muscles and wrinkle at a premature stage.
  • Polyphenols in this brew prevent the skin from inflammation and sun damage, thereby providing skin protection as a whole. This, again, reduces age spots, lowers LDL cholesterol, clarifies skin, gives protection against harmful UV rays, etc.
  • Darjeeling Green tea also fights against free radicals present in the body as unwanted toxins that enter the body through lifestyle choices, smoking, UV rays and other kinds of environmental factors. These free radicals fasten ageing process and are one major reason why people have premature ageing. Antioxidants in green blends fight against these radicals and slow down ageing process. So, people drinking this beverage will feel and look younger.
  • Further, L-theanine, the amino acid in green brews relieves stress and helps a person feel relaxed. This lessens the signs of stress like wrinkles under eyes or dark circles and thus, people will not look older than their age.

So, start consuming a cup of green tea every day and you will certainly notice visible changes in weight loss. When you lose the desired weight, don’t stop drinking this beverage. Continuing to consume this healthy drink will prevent from gaining back the weight you have lost. Moreover, the minerals in this brew keep blood sugar level stable and restrict glucose movement in fat cells.

All these will reduce ageing problem and help you stay young for a long time. No signs of ageing with green tea every day!