Whether you are new to drinking tea or you are a tea connoisseur, your tea experience is not complete until you have tasted the Champagne of Teas - Darjeeling tea. But what makes Darjeeling tea so special? Well, if you are planning to buy Darjeeling tea online, here are some FAQs on Darjeeling tea that will answer all your questions about this aromatic tea:

Question 1: What makes Darjeeling tea unique?

Darjeeling tea is known for its distinctive muscatel flavour and special aroma. This is attributed to the unique climatic conditions and soil of the region. The tea is produced at the highest elevation where the air is cold, rainfall is ample, the sun is temperate and the soil is sandy-loamy - all these factors create an ideal environment for the tea plant to grow.

Question 2: Which Darjeeling tea is best first flush or second flush?

The first flush is from March to May, the second flush starts from June to August, and the third flush occurs from October to November. All the three flushes are quite sought-after. The choice of tea depends on your preference and taste.

  • As the first flush Darjeeling tea is harvested at the onset of spring, they are lighter in colour and have a natural fruity smell.
  • Second flush Darjeeling tea has bold and vibrant colours and has a more well-rounded and full-bodied flavour.
  • Third flush tea has darker colour and more deeper notes than the first and second flush tea.

Question 3: Why first flush Darjeeling tea is expensive?

The first flush Darjeeling tea is made using the youngest and most tender leaves. These leaves yield the purest and freshest cup of tea. To produce the first flush Darjeeling tea, the tender leaves are carefully selected.  They are often produced in less quantity than other teas and thus, the demand outstrips the supply. Moreover, there is huge demand for first flush Darjeeling tea in the domestic and international markets.

Question 4: Are Darjeeling tea organic?

Not all Darjeeling tea is organic. However, good tea manufacturers offer organic Darjeeling tea. All our Darjeeling teas - first & second flush are purely organic and comply with international quality certifications such as USDA, Rainforest Alliance, Fair trade, IMO and India Organic.

Question 5: How long does Darjeeling tea last?

Darjeeling tea is best consumed within a period of one to two years of its production depending on how the tea leaves are stored.

Question 6: How long should Darjeeling tea steep?

Steep Darjeeling tea for 3 to 5 minutes in a teacup and put the lid.  It tastes best without milk and sugar.

Question 7: Where can I buy Darjeeling tea online?

Buy Darjeeling tea packets and bags from Jayshree Tea.   Our premium Darjeeling organic teas are certified organic and comply with international quality standards. You can choose Darjeeling tea on the basis of type, flush and even region. From Puttabong Organic Darjeeling Green tea to Puttabong roasted Darjeeling tea, we offer a wide range of tea varieties. Select varieties are available in gift sets, making them ideal for presenting them on special occasions.