Tea is the beverage that is season specific. How? Teas of every season have unique personality, distinct aroma, flavor profile and color. The plucking season of tea leaves is called Flushes. The second flush blends kick in from the beginning of summer. Blends of this season have vibrant personality. But, this is not their only characteristic that makes them so special. High quality second flush teas in Indian beverage market are produced in the estates of Nilgiri, Assam and Darjeeling. However, there is great difference of the period of second flush in every region. SECOND FLUSH DARJEELING TEA – FROM MIDDLE OF JUNE TO MIDDLE OF AUGUST Summer flush Darjeeling is an assorted variant. Cycle of flushes greatly depends on the arrival of monsoon. SECOND FLUSH NILGIRI – FROM JULY TO MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER This is a pretty interesting tea producing region. In Nilgiri estates, tea is harvested all round the year and so, it is quite difficult to demarcate the different flushes. However, second flush teas in this region takes place generally during the period of July to September. SECOND FLUSH ASSAM TEA – FROM THE MONTH JUNE TO AUGUST Assam is a plain land and it experiences tropical weather and heavy rainfall. Therefore, early monsoon in this region can shorten the period of second flush harvest. SPECIALTY OF SECOND FLUSH TEAS Second flush blends have strong flavor profile and dark brownish in color. They also have less astringency in their taste. Darjeeling Tea leaves of Darjeeling second flush have amber hue and obtain dark brown color liquor. They have the typical flavor of Muscatel grape and taste like wine. This abstruse and unique profile of the second flush Darjeeling teas make them highly priced. Millions of drinkers across the globe crave for this muscatel flavored Darjeeling. No other variety of tea across the world has such distinct flavor profile. Assam Second flush tea of Assam is also highly priced than its first flush. In summer flush tea leaves, there is a golden tip and that is why, summer flush Assam teas are also known as Tippy Teas. Just as summer flush Darjeeling teas have muscatel flavor, similarly, summer flush Assam blends have distinct malty flavor. The liquor so obtained varies in color from dark brown to copper red. Most interestingly, this second flush Assam tea also forms the basis of many other blends giving each combination is a wonderful flavor. Assam tea is ideal as “Breakfast Tea” and is loved by every drinker in the world. Thus, these second flush blends have such cravings all round the world.