Darjeeling – the Queen of Hills – is known for its panoramic natural beauty. But, there is something else that attracts tourists from all corners of the world. What is that? It is its splendid tea gardens. This Himalayan region houses some of the best tea estates from which tons of beverage are produced. When you smell the aroma of Darjeeling tea or drink it, you never remember the garden where it is produced. Do we? Now, let us have a quick glimpse at some of the renowned tea estates of Darjeeling. Some Popular Tea Gardens in Darjeeling  
  • Puttabong
This is one of the largest gardens in Darjeeling. It is also the first tea estate in the history of Darjeeling Tea Plantation. In this context, this magnificent estate is a historical place. Puttabong is also the first tea garden to use pruning machine and started trading tea for commercial use. Clear mountain air, unique soil and perfect altitude helps to produce premium quality Darjeeling tea. Some varieties of beverage produced in this historic tea garden are –
  • Handmade blends
  • Silver tippy teas
  • Organic green blends
  • Organic black brews
Beverage from this garden ensures top grade drinking experience.
  • Risheehat
This is the estate that is popular for its organic blends. Risheehat has steep land, rich soil, high level of fertility, right temperature and rainfall. All these create the most favorable atmosphere for producing organic blends. This garden needs a special mention when you talk of second flush Darjeeling brews having the typical muscatel flavor. Like any other estate in Darjeeling, Risheehat also have a mind-blowing natural beauty. It produces black and green brews of organic variety, oolong blends, hand rolled teas, silver tippy tea and many other such kinds.
  • Sungma
Turzum and Sungma are amongst the naturally beautiful tea estates of Darjeeling. This is one of the gardens which not only focus on producing the most popular beverage, but also cultivates hilly vegetables, orchids and floras. This enhances the beauty of the garden further. Tea flower, white blends, oolong brews and clonal delight are some of its specialties.
  • Balasun
Balasun is a famous garden known for manufacturing full-bodied blends that have muscatel china flavor. With colorful blossoms all round it, this estate creates a panoramic view, especially during the spring time. Darjeeling clonal blends, china wonder and conventional black brews are some of its products. So, when you are in Darjeeling the next time, do not forget to visit some of these estates.