Do you like green tea blends? If you wish to lose some pounds or keep your body in shape, you should start consuming this “super-drink”. Green tea has a number of medicinal benefits. Studies have shown that the components of this blend can work wonder for health. There are amazing benefits of green tea that everyone might not be aware of. Drink this brew as it can keep you much better!
  1. Stress Reliever
Not only black tea, green blends are also great stress busters. Thiamine present in green brews produce calming effect. So, if you are going through a stressful day, you can have at least 6 cups of green tea to feel de-stressed. This decaffeinated variant might not work as fast as black blends. However, they are a perfect substitute to coffee. Too much of stress might result in high blood pressure which can further lead to other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to keep blood pressure in control. Consuming green blends regularly reduces the risk of high pressure by keeping people stress free.
  1. Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral
Catechins in this blend are powerful antiviral and anti-bacterial agents. They can effectively cure any kind of bacterial infection like fatal cancer or simple influenza. Some studies even have shown that green teas can prevent spread of certain diseases.
  1. Skin care
Green tea and skin care? Can’t you believe it? But, it is true! This blend prevents early signs of aging and wrinkles. Women are highly conscious about their skin and wrinkles on their face. They should start drinking a cup of green brew every day.
  1. Brain Functioning
Do you know that green tea can make you smart? Yes, there are certain compounds in this beverage that improves brain functioning and makes the drinker smarter. Though the caffeine content is not much, yet it acts as a very good stimulant. Green tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, but it is sufficient for producing a response without any ‘jittery effect’ usually associated with high caffeine quantity.
  1. Depression
Are you depressed? You have feel relaxed with a cup of green brew. Don’t believe it? Theanine, the natural amino acid present in tea leaves is also there in green blends. They produce a tranquilizing effect and soothe the nerves of the drinker when he is depressed. There are many other benefits besides all these. So, green teas can give a boost in many ways.