Organic Darjeeling tea or coffee – which one will you choose? Well, majority drinkers will prefer organic Darjeeling simply because tea lovers are more attracted to Darjeeling brews, no matter what the situation is. Besides, people have now become health conscious and so, preference for coffee has reduced considerably. When they have an organic variety of beverage in front of them, very few drinkers will like to drink coffee. Organic cultivation of Darjeeling blends has become quite popular these days. Organic Darjeeling is certainly a better alternative to coffee. Since it is organic this tea is free from artificial fertilizers, insecticides and other additives. Therefore, they are natural pure beverage and also less harmful for health. Why don’t you take a look at the health benefits of Darjeeling? Health Benefits of Organic Darjeeling
  • Less caffeine content
Darjeeling blends contain much less caffeine than coffee. Coffee is highly rich in caffeine and provides instant energy. People who need to stay awake at night drink coffee because its caffeine content does not allow them to sleep and is also harmful for health. Darjeeling blends, on the contrary, also provide a lot of energy but do not contain as much caffeine as coffee. Therefore, they are not harmful for health.
  • Fights against cancer
Darjeeling brews help in preventing cancer. The polyphenolic compounds prevent tumor development by means of antioxidant mechanism. In addition, its anti-mutagenic properties reduce frequency of cellular mutations.
  • Strengthens bone health
Do you know that Darjeeling brew increases bone density. Research has proved that women consuming tea have greater bone density than the ones who do not drink. Again, they lose bone density at a slower pace.
  • Good for heart
Consuming Darjeeling tea regularly helps in preventing heart ailments. This brew has a powerful antioxidant called polyphenols which increase the flow of blood by reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation. Quercetin is a flavonoid in this blend that gives prevention against heart attacks.
  • Strengthens immunity system
When you have a cold, you usually drink tea. Isn’t it? Darjeeling tea too helps in curing common ailments like cold and flu. A cup everyday helps in strengthening the immune system and enhances body’s response towards any kind of infection. Both tea and coffee are great stress-busters but organic products are always preferred more than any others and when it is Darjeeling tea, then it is more demanding. Therefore, organic Darjeeling blends should have greater preference than coffee.