Tea fanatics usually have a good collection of teapots and mugs. They sometimes wish to experiment with their favorite beverage. Sometimes, drinkers have finest quality blends that need something special while, at other times, they might want to prepare an old blend in a new way.

Whatever may be your desire, have a look at some ways to jazz up a tea drinking experience.


Do you know what tetsubin is? It is a traditional Japanese teapot of cast-iron. They can retain heat much better than any serving method. Tea will remain hot for around an hour. If a tea light stand is fit with this pot, then you can enjoy hot beverage till its last drop. Small cups of cast-iron are also available with tetsubin. Pouring tea into these cups really looks classy!


It is named so because it is the common style of drinking tea for almost all grandpas and perhaps, the easiest way of savoring the taste of tea. You just have to fill a big cup with hot water and tea leaves. No infuser required, no need to worry about the steeping time. When the cup is half full top off the water. Large loose leaf teas are the best for this brewing method because the small ones might turn bitter.


Only a little bit of patience and you can grab the easiest way of making iced tea. Though special tea bags are available for cold brewing, you are free to use any kind of loose leaf blends or tea bags. You need 1 teaspoon of tea leaves or 1 teabag for 1 liter water. What you have to do is fill the pitcher with water and add tea leaves or the bag and refrigerate it overnight. This is a fantastic tea brewing method for drinkers during hot climates!   


Why should you limit yourself to only chai? You can always have a delicious masala chai. Brewing tea in a pot facilitates to make any kind of tea in large volume. You can add water, milk, tea leaves and spices and have a perfect cup of masala chai. Using pots for making tea gives greater control over the brewing result. You can experiment with blends and taste its consistency any time. Making tea is an art and a creative process too. There are different methods of brewing tea and everyone has their comfortable way of making it.