Needless to say, Darjeeling is one of the popular tourist hubs. This hill station is dominated by Tibetans and Gorkhas and so, their local dishes are also from Tibet and Nepal. However, food in Darjeeling has numerous choices from Tandoori delicacies, Chinese and Continental to Naga cuisine, South Indian foods, Bengali cuisine Tibetan cuisine and Nepali foods. Thus, Darjeeling is a place with multi-cuisine specialties.

If you are visiting Darjeeling, then you must taste some of their local delicacies apart from their refreshing and delicate flavored tea.

Local Dishes in Darjeeling You Must Taste

  • MOMO

This is a popular snack food found at every corner of this hill station. There are different varieties of momos - chicken, cheese and vegetable. These momos are available in two versions – steamed or fried. You can savoir the taste of any of the variants with a bowl of soup and handmade momo sauce. It is really a filling snack food!


This is another favorite local cuisine of Darjeeling. Thukpa is noodle dipped in soup having egg, meat and diced vegetables. A bowl of Thukpa is sure to kill hunger and fill stomach anytime. It is as good as snack as for lunch.


This is a special food found during festive seasons like Dusshera and Diwali. It is made from local bread that is deep fried in circular form after processing. This is a perfect companion with Darjeeling tea but, you can have this with any other thing. Visit Darjeeling in festive time and you will be lucky to taste some of these rotis.


What is this? It is a dish made from fermented green leaves of radish, mustard, etc. if you want to experience the strong smell of this dish; you have to taste it from local homes of Darjeeling since its typical smell is missing in restaurant dishes.


This is a very popular vegetable food prepared from yak or cow’s milk. Niguru is a milk based food found in soft and hard forms. It is a fantastic dish! But, again, you will not find this delicacy in any restaurants. They are famous homemade dishes. These are only a few of the local dishes you can try. Apart from this, traditional Nepali Thali is also something worth trying. You can give a wonderful treat to your taste buds with a number of wonderful items along with curd, chutney and pickle.