Darjeeling tea is a very special beverage to all. This blend is manufactured in a special way and hence, they are a bit complex than any other black blend. Darjeeling is one place that produces organic blends. These organic Darjeeling teas have a sophisticated flavor profile which needs to be restored while brewing it. Therefore, making organic Darjeeling is also an art.

Let’s start with process of making Darjeeling brews…

Making Organic Darjeeling Tea

As told earlier, preparing Darjeeling blends needs extra care than any other blends. If there is any kind of impurity in water, then subtle taste and aroma of the blend will get destroyed.

  • Do not clean the cup or port where you will pour Darjeeling tea with soap. Just wipe its inside with damp cloth for removing any kind of residues.
  • Rinse the cups and pot for keeping them warm and then pout the water out.  
  • What kind of water you are using for brewing organic Darjeeling is also very important. The water should be pure – it can be filtered or spring water. Never use distilled water for making this tea as the tea will lose its quality.
  • To have balanced flavor, just boil the water. When the starts boiling, switch off the oven and keep it as it is for a few moment.
  • Should we use a tea infuser while steeping Darjeeling tea? Well, using an infuser with this blend is not a good idea. The best way to prepare organic Darjeeling is by using loose leaf tea. Steep loose Darjeeling tea leaves in some pot.
  • Now, how much tea should be used to make a perfect cup of organic Darjeeling brew? For 8 ounce cup, two teaspoons of loose tea leaves is ideal. It is good to have delicate flavor of this special beverage. However, if someone wants rich flavor, then he can use more leaves.
  • After that, you have to pour hot water over the leaves and steep them for 3 to 5 minutes. Steeping for more time can make the taste bitter. In order to enjoy authentic taste of organic Darjeeling blends, you should steep it to correct time, not less and not more.

So, for savoring real taste of organic Darjeeling, you have to follow some simple steps. These are simple yet a bit critical. There are a number of tea companies online offering loose leaf blends. Go for loose Darjeeling teas.