Cold brewed teas are great drink for summer. This cold brewing was first started in Japan. People of this country prepared this brew by pouring cold water in tea and allowed it to sit for a few hours in a cold region of the home. The brew so obtained was smooth and flavorful with little bit of bitterness.

People mostly drink Darjeeling tea warm or hot. They think that since Darjeeling blends have a delicate flavor making iced tea with them is difficult. When ice is mixed, it dilutes the brew and only a little flavor is left. However, when Darjeeling is cold brewed, it obtained a stunning brew. The aroma and taste of the brew was just awesome and it uniformly flowed over the cup. Every note was so precise and clear.

Using first flush Darjeeling for cold brewing is a good idea because floral sweetness of this harvest and flavor of cold brew perfectly complements each other. Freshness of first flush also adds to its taste.

How to make cold brewed Darjeeling?

  • Take a teaspoon of Darjeeling tea for a cup
  • Pour normal water over the leaves
  • Stir gently so that all leaves get wet
  • Refrigerate it for 6 to 8 hours
  • Strain out the leaves

Your delicious cold brewed Darjeeling is ready to serve for your enjoyment!

The difference between cold brew and hot brew is quite a lot. In cold brew, aroma and flavor of Darjeeling is completely retained. Hence, it is not a light brew like hot Darjeeling brew. Cold brew is more delicious variety than hot tea. This outstanding brew is an incredible change and is just perfect for hot summer days.

Why people like cold brew over hot brew?

  • Cold brew is smoother and sweeter in taste than a hot cup of tea because cold water has chemical reaction that is different from hot water.
  • In our country where most of the days have unbearable heat, cold tea is an enjoyable beverage. It does not need heat for preparation so you do not need to bear the heat of kitchen in summer.
  • Cold brew is also safer than sun brew because it does not allow bacteria growth that can damage our body.

In fact, it is a new way of tasting your favorite Darjeeling tea. You can take the pleasure of new flavors found in cold brews. Cold brew serves as a healthy summer drink than any other beverages.