Do you agree that tea is an affordable luxury across the world? Most of you will certainly have the same opinion regarding this, especially the tea enthusiasts. Therefore, it is essential to know the proper way of storing this luxury beverage. People generally use loose leaf teas and knowing the proper storage method will help them to enjoy its real essence in every sip. You should not forget the effort workers are employing in every estate in plucking, processing and packing tea leaves. They make endeavor to preserve the essence and flavor of the different blends through their long journey from the garden to the cup. How about knowing some tea storage guidelines? It’s just wonderful! General Rules for Storing Teas of All Kinds
  • Store Blends in Dry Environment
It is quite natural that moisture or water can damage the tea leaves. Therefore, make sure that you keep the leaves dry and preserve it in a safe pot away from moisture. Humidity and dampness are the two great enemies of this beverage. They can form molds in the pack.
  • Keep Blends Far away from Strong Aromas
Do you know that teas easily absorb aroma of any object kept near it? Being a very good absorbent of smell, it fast catches strong fragrances thereby losing its actual tantalizing aroma. Thus, you should avoid keeping loose leaf blends in pantries or spice cabinets. It will readily lose its fragrance. You can store loose leaf blends in different shelves or cupboards.
  • Be Organized in Storing This Beverage
Keeping every blend in an organized way is important. If you pile up all kinds of teas in an unorganized way, one blend can absorb the smell of another and you will not be able to savor the distinct aroma and flavor of the different blends. Also, storing teas in an organized way helps you to identify your options quickly and make right choice while purchasing fresh blends. Thus, no matter what kind of blend you are storing, bet it black, white, green or oolong, you should keep it away from sunlight, damp and smell. Also, it is wise to keep a note of the time of harvest or purchase of different blends so that teas are not stored for years and you lose its actual components and flavor. Some people prefer having black tea after eight months. For them, the note can come to great help. So, store teas in right manner and it will make your tea-time a special one every time!