Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. It is estimated that global consumption of tea will reach 7.4 billion kgs by 2025. If you are fascinated by these facts and inspired to start a small tea business, it is important to choose the right wholesale tea supplier.  Here are a few tips to select the best wholesale tea suppliers:

  1. Choose an experienced wholesale tea supplier:
    First of all, create a list of wholesale tea suppliers that are experienced and reputed. A good wholesale tea supplier will know from where to source the best teas and tea products. A good supplier will not only offer a wide range of teas but will also give you the option of choosing tea on the basis of type, flush and region. Also, a good wholesale tea supplier will ship teas within India and abroad. They would know how to store and package tea for optimum freshness and quality during the transit.  
    We, at Jayshree Tea, offer black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, masala chai,  flavoured tea and organic tea. We deliver in India and across the globe.
  2. Make sure that the supply chain is short and simple
    In the tea business, freshness is of utmost importance. When looking for a wholesale tea supplier, make sure they either have a direct tie-up with planters or are planters themselves. We, at Jayshree Tea, are planters. We have over 19 estates in India. We are one of the leading exporters of tea in India. We supply fresh tea to our distributors.  We export tea to over 45 countries.
  3. Look into tea certification
    One of the easiest and most effective ways to check the authenticity of tea is to look for certifications. Certifications give an assurance that the tea has been produced while adhering to the standards set by monitoring agencies. They also show that the supplier has invested time in becoming an expert in the product they sell.
    As we have been exporting tea to over 45 countries, our teas and plantation practices are certified by leading national and international monitoring agencies. Our tea products have certifications from USDA Organic, JAS, India Organic, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certification, Fair Trade and Ethical Tea Partnership.
  4. Check for easy private labelling
    A good
    wholesale tea supplier should be able to offer private labelling so that you can easily sell them further. We offer private labelling as well as white labelling. Since we have the scale and technology, we can cater to the needs and demands of a small business as well as that of an MNC.
  5. Ensure they take custom orders
    A good
    wholesale tea supplier not only offers the best-in-class quality of the full range and grades of tea but also is able to customise the requirements. When you are shortlisting the wholesale tea suppliers, do ask if they accommodate custom requirements.
  6. Check the affordability
    A good wholesale tea supplier should be able to offer you products that are of good quality and at the same time, affordable.

Looking for the best wholesale tea suppliers? 

We have our own estates in every tea-growing area of the country. We offer a wide range of tea varieties. We offer loose tea and packet tea which you can customise as per your requirement.  We can also create quantities of teas if the client shares their budget.  Please fill in the form to let us know your preferences for tea kind, grade, quantity, and price range so that we can send you samples.