Christmas is a joyful time of the year filled with tasty treats. It's also the perfect time of year to meet up with friends and family and celebrate the holiday with a traditional Christmas tea party. If you're looking for tea to brew in your teacup, you've come to the right place. In the spirit of the holidays, we share with you how to host Christmas tea parties:

  1. Set a festive theme: To set a heartwarming holiday scene that appeals to everyone, decorate the table with a vase of freshly-cut flowers, pine cones, tiny tree figurines and votive candles. Depending on the decor of your house, you can either go for an all-white decor or a traditional red and green colour scheme.
  1. Choose the right tea for your party: A Christmas tea party calls for a special tea. To make a lasting impression on your guests, make sure that you serve premium quality tea that makes them want more. Here are some of the best Christmas tea varieties that will add a touch of holiday spirit to the atmosphere with their taste and aroma:
  • Black tea: Black tea is said to have an intense, richly aromatic and malty taste. This makes it an ideal tea for a Christmas tea Black tea blends pair well with scones served with cream, cinnamon buns, cookies and lemon cakes. If you like spicy tea, opt for Darjeeling blends that taste best without milk and sugar. Made with some of the finest autumn tea leaves, Darjeeling Turzum Autumn Flush Mystic Black Tea 2022 has a distinct Clonal character.
  • Cinnamon tea: Make your guests feel welcome and special with traditional cinnamon tea. It has a spiced aroma that envelopes your senses. Cinnamon tea is a perfect accompaniment to sweet and savoury snacks. Jay Shree Tea Cinnamon Black Tea is an exotic blend of whole leaf black tea infused with cinnamon. It has
  • White tea: Known for its delicate flavour, white tea is perfect for a Christmas party. It has a floral, fresh and fruity flavour. It goes well with savoury snacks and desserts that are less sweet.  White tea is the least processed of teas and offers a nuanced flavour. Second Flush Mellow White Tea 2022 has a refreshing flavour and tempting aroma that makes it ideal for savouring calm and quiet winter afternoons.
  • Green tea: When you think of a Christmas tea party, green tea isn’t the first type of tea that will come to your mind. But flavoured green tea is a delightful option during the holiday season. The subtle and mild notes of the tea complement and enhance the flavours of any dish. Darjeeling Risheehat Green Tea 2022 is organic green tea with a sweet and smooth taste. It is best consumed unsweetened and without any milk.

Celebrate the Holidays with these Christmas Teas

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Get the high tea food menu right: For a casual get-together, serve crackers, green olives, cherry tomatoes, cheese and baguette on a charcuterie board. For a more formal arrangement, serve delicacies on a multi-tier server. Delight your guests with tea sandwiches, scones, holiday chocolates, cakes, cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and lemon tart.