Oolong tea has a rich history that dates back to the early 17th century in China's Fujian province. The name "oolong" comes from a Chinese word that means "black dragon". Oolong tea is partially oxidised, which involves withering the leaves, gently shaking them to bruise the edges, semi-oxidising, rolling and drying. This unique processing method results in a tea that offers a diverse range of flavours, from fruity to floral to toasty. The texture of oolong tea can also vary, with some teas having a creamy, smooth texture, while others are more robust and full-bodied. Additionally, oolong teas can feature notes of honey, caramel, or even chocolate, providing a complex and satisfying tea-drinking experience. Oolong tea is a preferred choice among tea lovers, because of its versatility and wide range of flavours and aromas. If you are planning to gift oolong tea to a tea lover, here are some important points to consider: 
  1. Even a small gift can be significant and meaningful if it is given with genuine care and attention. The ancient Greek lyric poet Pindar captures the true essence of gift-giving in this quote. “Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is, in reality, great, if it is given with affection.” When gifting oolong tea, make the gesture meaningful and affectionate by ensuring that your tea gift has the flavour and texture that the recipient will truly love, 

Oolong tea has a unique flavour that combines the characteristics of green and black tea. When oolong tea is lightly oxidised, it has a slightly sweet and floral flavour with a subtle earthy undertone. As the oxidation level increases, the flavour becomes more complex and the tea takes on a richer, more robust taste.

  1. When you are gifting Oolong tea, you have to ensure that it is of premium quality. Good-quality oolong teas are aromatic, with a fine taste. They are characterised by unbroken leaves, uniform colour, moistness and suppleness. You can purchase such teas from reputable tea sellers online or in person. When buying the gift online, read the packaging carefully to gain useful information such as the date of packaging and the tea's specific storage requirements. For a tea lover, receiving a premium quality oolong tea as a gift is a memorable experience. They can brew a cup of premium oolong tea to unwind and relax, or to enjoy a moment of solitude. Tea lovers are also often interested in exploring new tea varieties and experiencing different flavours and aromas. Thus, gifting them different oolong teas can introduce them to new tea blends, which they may have not tried before. 
  1. Proper packaging ensures that the tea is well protected from moisture, dust and mould. The purpose of packaging is essentially twofold- Protection and Presentation. It protects the tea from damage and external contaminants. When you order tea online, proper packaging ensures that it is handled better when shipped and delivered. A good packaging also ensures that the gift is presentable and visually appealing. A beautiful packaging makes the gift look more visually appealing and special. When you oolong tea online from us, there are many types of packaging available for tea that are environmentally friendly and also aesthetically pleasing.
  1. Adding an element of personal touch can make your gift stand out amongst others. When gifting oolong tea, you can add a handwritten note which can include a small poem or a thank you note. Also, do not forget to add gifts along with the tea packet such as a tea infuser, a teacup, a box of their favourite cookies, organic honey and even chocolates.  
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