India is one of the largest consumers of tea and is the second ranking tea exporter in the world and which is why it is not surprising that there are so many tea suppliers in India. If you are dealing  with tea suppliers, you know how important it is to communicate with clarity as miscommunication can lead to delays, cost overruns and confusion. On the other hand, effective communication can lay the foundation of a long-term business relationship. As one of the leading green tea suppliers in India,  here we share with you some useful tips to communicate effectively with tea suppliers:

  1. Establish communication channels: Every tea supplier has systems in place for order management. It is important that you understand the system and establish a clear plan for how to communicate with suppliers at the very beginning of a new relationship.  Identify what will be the regular mode of communication ---- Emails or phone calls. It is best to communicate through emails as everything gets recorded in written form. When important discussions take place on phone calls, they should be followed up with an email to confirm that everybody is on the same page.

  1. Communicate early and often: Engage the supplier from the beginning on contract requirements so that there are no surprises at the eleventh hour. Also, make sure that your suppliers understand your requirements.

  1. Establish measurement metrics: In addition to setting expectations, you should share measurement metrics that you will be using to measure the performance of your tea suppliers. Communicating these metrics with your tea supplier can help them to also see if they are on track.  These metrics could be:

    • Quality performance

    • On-time delivery performance

    • Cost performance

  1. Build trust: Building trust is a key to improving communication between you and the supplier. By being transparent about your goals, you can work together to achieve them. Remember,  supplier trust is not built overnight. It will take many interactions, meetings, discussions and agreements to find a tea supplier with whom you can foresee your business’ long-term future.

  1. Share positive feedback with suppliers: It is important to give your feedback to suppliers so that they learn more about your business and the unique challenges you face. Also, when you pull off a difficult order, be sure to thank your supplier for helping you make it happen.

Looking for green tea suppliers in India?

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