For tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking an extraordinary experience, there's nothing quite like hosting an Assam tea-tasting party at home. Assam tea, with its bold flavour and unique characteristics, offers a sensory adventure that will leave your guests craving more. We share a curated list to guide you through the steps to organise a remarkable Assam tea-tasting party and ensure an unforgettable experience. 

  1. Arrange the essentials

When planning your tea tasting party, select a variety of premium Assam tea leaves to serve your guests. This will help them explore the wide range of flavours and nuanced profiles that Assam tea has to offer. In addition to the tea, prepare the necessary accessories to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tasting session. Teapots with infusers or tea filters will be handy for brewing loose tea leaves. Provide teacups for each guest, allowing them to appreciate and compare the aromas and flavours of different teas. Remember to wash the tea accessories thoroughly between tastings to maintain the purity of flavours and prevent any cross-contamination.

  1. Offer the right snacks

While the focus is on Assam tea, it's essential to offer light snacks that go well with the tasting experience. Choose plain and bland crackers or cookies that would not overshadow the delicate tastes of the tea. It's best to avoid strongly flavoured foods that could interfere with the overall tasting process. By selecting neutral snacks, you allow the true essence of the Assam tea to shine through.

  1. Provide note cards and worksheet

Offer elegantly designed note cards to your guests to help them capture their impressions throughout the evening. Consider preparing a thoughtfully designed worksheet that outlines the Assam teas being sampled, including details about their origins and brewing instructions. Leave ample space for your guests to jot down their personal tasting notes, encouraging them to express their thoughts on the aroma and taste of each tea.

  1. Be the guide: 

Embrace the role of a guide. Arm yourself with knowledge, stories, and intriguing facts on Assam tea that will captivate your guests' attention. Share fascinating stories about the tea estates in Assam, the hardworking tea pluckers, and the intricate process of tea production. Explain the art of tea processing, from withering and rolling to oxidation and drying. Explain how these steps influence the flavours and aromas.

  1. Ask the guests to take small sips: 

Encourage your guests to take small sips and let the tea spread across their entire palate. As they enjoy each sip, inspire them to pay attention to the different flavours, delightful aromas, and any unique qualities they notice. After tasting each tea, create a friendly atmosphere where everyone can share their experiences and engage in lively discussions about the Assam teas they've tasted. 

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