With all its gorgeous tea plantations, Darjeeling is a picturesque hill station. You should not miss the chance to tour this beautiful place. This hill station not only offers the beauty of the splendid Himalayan range but also soothes your eyes with the greenery of its tea plantations. In Darjeeling tour, one should explore tea culture of this place.

Tea is an integral part of Indian food. Now, there are four different kinds of Darjeeling teas you can taste.


This is the most-consumed blend across the world. Everyone loves to taste a cup of black brew anytime, especially if he is going through a hectic schedule. It is a refreshing drink and energizes the drinker in an unexpected way. This is the most oxidized beverage and its leaves are completely dried up and split so that it can absorb greater amount of alcohol. Darjeeling produces finest variety of black blends. It is manufactured through orthodox method and offers some exotic flavors of fruity, nutty, spicy and flowery.


This blend is considered as a healthy drink across the world. It is rich in antioxidants that promote healthy heart, prevent the growth of cancer cells and help to keep a person healthy. In Darjeeling green tea, all the natural chemicals are preserved because it is steamed and dried and not fermented. Thus, it contributed completely to the wellbeing of the drinker. Green tea should never be drunk with milk.


It is very much like Chinese blends and is a variety between black and green teas. In 1800, British bought Chinese seeds for tea cultivation in the hills of Darjeeling. Till date some of the plantations in Darjeeling still have Chinese teas. These bushes produce two varieties of oolong blends – Chinese and Clonal. Water used to make oolong brew must be below the boiling point.


This is a delicate variant of Darjeeling tea and is costlier than other varieties. After being plucked, the blends are handpicked, hand rolled and only dried. This brew is available in organic form and contains minerals. When brewed, it obtains a pale golden color liquor with a little bit of sweetness. This tea is extremely lightweight and so, it needs more leaves at the time of its preparation. Thus, these are some of the popular varieties of Darjeeling tea that you should taste. If you don’t, you really miss something.