In today’s fast paced world, healthy living has become as important as it has become difficult to maintain. Long working hours, busy schedule and a host of other factors lead people to become complacent when it comes to their own health. A One of the major trends that has risen due to our lifestyles is obesity. Studies claim that a major portion of the global population is now within the fringes of obesity, which only harms the lives of millions and keeps their future at stake.

Green tea is much more than a beverage. Laden with polyphenols catechins it contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is the most active form of the catechins responsible for the tea’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and metabolic effects. One of the major places which boast of premium green tea produce is Darjeeling. Reared in completely organic settings, Darjeeling Green Tea is one of the most flavored health beverages in the world.

While Green tea is one the healthiest beverage on the planet, loaded with health beneficial substances, one of the major benefits of green tea, as studies suggest, is its ability to burn fat and make a person lose weight. Sounds interesting?

Here is how it works. Organic Darjeeling Green Tea has bioactive substances in the leaves that dissolve in the water to create a cup of titillating beverage. When one drinks a cup of green tea the body absorbs a lot of potent biological effects. Containing a permissible amount of caffeine, much less than coffee, it stimulates the body to aid in fat burning and improve exercise performance in numerous instances. In fact the EGCG present in Darjeeling Green tea is one of the best catechins to boost metabolism.

The active compounds in Darjeeling Green tea aid in boositing the effects of some fat burning hormones. EGCG in Darjeeling Green Tea inhibits an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine, whch is like a signal to the fat cells, telling them to break down. More the level of norepinephrine, stronger is the signal to get more fat cells broken down.

The end result is that the fat cell breaks down more fat, which is released into the bloodstream and becomes available for use as energy by cells that need it, like muscle cells.

Green tea, in fact, has repeatedly shown to increase fat burning during exercise.

Studies say that the brand of  Green tea does matter in helping reduce body fat. The entire process is predominantly based on the kind of tea leaves that go into the making of the green tea. It is here that Darjeeling plays a very important and determining factor towards creating the final product. Green tea grown in Darjeeling is often considered to be of the finest quality in the world, and thus connoisseurs across the world but Darjeeling Green Tea online to help boost a better and healthier lifestyle. The perfect accompaniment to healthy living, buy Green Tea to boost a better tomorrow!