What can be the best way to enhance health with a beverage other than having green tea? In fact, green blend is a beneficial health tonic that you can drink anytime. It is worth to devote that extra trouble and time that this brew demands to enjoy a perfect cup of healthy and flavorful green blend. How to brew a cup of green tea? This is a common question that even expert tea drinkers ask. Since green brew is very delicate, you have to take extra care in preparing it.
  • Firstly, use cold filtered water and not boiling water for steeping this blend. Due to its delicate nature, you have to use cool water.
  • In addition, you should never heat water in aluminum kettle or steep green tea in aluminum or plastic container. China, porcelain or stainless steel are the best options because they are non-reactive and will not destroy the taste of your brew.
  • Again, green blends are compacted and therefore, need more room for their expansion at the time of steeping. 2 to 4 minutes of steeping is enough for enjoying all its health benefits. You should steep green brew at low temperature for a long time.
What, if the taste of your brew turns bitter? Steeping at high temperature makes a brew taste bitter. You should change the amount of green tea and not the brewing time or temperature.
  • Do you know how much green blend should you use? Ideally, one heaping teaspoon of this blend is perfect for 8 ounce of water. However, this can vary with the quality of tea.
  • A very important things that all of you should remember while brewing green tea is, you should use loose leaf tea. Loose blends give you authentic taste and health benefits.
Why is it important to maintain the right water temperature? Well, you should know that right temperature of water is critical to extract the best quality of green tea blends. When the temperature is very hot, tea will taste bitter and its delicate flavor will lose. Again, if the temperature is very cold, full flavor of the leaves will not get extracted. Brew your tea at a temperature between 140°F and 185°F to get a perfect cup of green tea. Why do you think that brewing Darjeeling green tea at a low temperature is the best? At low temperature, green blends retain all its complex flavor and sweetness. Have green tea as it is and you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest.