The beverage that India practically lives on is ‘Chai’. Chai is found in every corner of this country with its own variations. When it comes to variations of chai, masala chai is a household favourite. The rich and robust flavour of black tea leaves when combined with a mix of Indian spices creates a warm and aromatic brew that will take you on a journey beyond your senses. If your loved one is a fan of masala chai and you are looking for the right gift, here is an interesting read.


We have curated a list of masala chai to gift the biggest chai lover you know: 


  1. Assam CTC Masala Chai: If your loved one is a fan of the classic Assam tea but likes the occasional twist of spice, then the Assam CTC Masala Chai could be your pick. Blended by our in-house expert master blenders, our masala chai is the right concoction of aromatic spices and the strong Assam CTC tea. 
  1. Bagicha by Jay Shree Tea Masala Chai (loose-leaf): If your friend loves to try new things and is interested in the rich and diverse culture of India, Bagicha by Jay Shree Tea Masala Chai is the right gift. The amazing combination of whole spices from the Southern part of India and North-east Indian teas, this chai represents the true beauty of Indian heritage. 
  1. Indian Masala Tea: If your loved one is a fan of the classic masala chai, our Indian Masala Tea could be the perfect gift. Packed with beautiful flavours and aroma, this tea is the perfect gift for those tea lovers who want to be transported to a world of wonder and delight with every sip. 
  1. Fennel spiced CTC Masala Chai: Spiced tea with a twist, our Fennel Spiced Chai is packed with flavours. It is a blend of powerful energising flavours of premium Assam CTC tea with warm spicy notes of fennel, cloves and ginger to give your loved one that kick of energy in the morning!
  1. Bagicha by Jay Shree Masala Chai 25 Enveloped tea bags:  Rightfully labelled ‘Bagicha’, this tea brings you the fresh taste of the Mangalam Tea Estate. This traditional Indian chai has the flavours of classic black tea, with a hint of spice. 
  1. Pepper spiced CTC Masala Chai: Our Pepper Spiced CTC Masala Chai is a spicy blend of Assam CTC and aromatic cardamom and black pepper corn from South India. This tea is perfect to drink at any time of the day, making it the perfect gift for a tea lover. 

Looking to buy masala chai online?

If you are looking to buy masala chai online, you can explore our wide range of teas. From Assam masala chai online to fennel spiced masala tea, you will find the right gift for the tea lover in your life. Curated to perfection, our masala chai is blended by experts to bring you the finest taste from the plains of Assam and West Bengal.