Tea vs coffee is a debate that has been raging on since time immemorial. While some prefer the flavour and aroma of tea, others swear by their love for coffee. Here, we share some of the factors that can help you pick the winner in the battle between tea and coffee. 

  1. Caffeine content:

Tea has considerably less caffeine when compared to coffee. If you are trying to limit your caffeine intake or you are sensitive to caffeine in some way, tea would be the better drink of choice for you. Still, you should note that the exact caffeine content can vary greatly in the different types of tea or coffee. It can also depend on the process of tea or coffee preparation.  


  1. Flavour and taste:

The flavour profile you enjoy is another factor that can play a significant role in you deciding between tea and coffee. Coffee is known to have a bolder and bitter taste in general. On the other hand, tea has several varieties, which means you can find leaves with different flavour profiles. For instance, first flush teas taste considerably different when compared to second flush teas. You have greater freedom to look for subtle flavours or bold and fruity notes. 


  1. Preparation time:

If you want the best coffee, you would need to ground coffee beans before making a cup. Although instant coffee is available in the market, these products may not have the same depth of flavour as freshly ground coffee does. So, preparing a cup of coffee requires considerable time and effort. By comparison, tea preparation requires less time. After boiling water, you generally have to steep the tea leaves for only a few minutes before it is ready for consumption. 


  1. Brewing equipment:

You may need specialised equipment to make coffee. For instance, you would likely need a coffee grinder, a coffee maker or an espresso machine to make high quality coffee. On the other hand, when it comes to brewing tea, you do not need any such specific equipment. A teapot, kettle, mug, and spoons are all you will require. 


  1. Culture:

Cultural and social factors may influence your choice. Some cultures prefer one drink over the other. For instance, the Japanese have several ceremonies surrounding the brewing and drinking of teas. Similarly, in Italy, people have a culture of drinking coffee. In India, tea is often an accompaniment for great conversation. Whether it is a get together of friends or two office colleagues chatting, tea is readily available and generally the preferred beverage in such situations. 


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