Tea is a versatile and stimulating drink that boosts up energy with its antioxidants and inviting aroma. It has now become the ‘second largest consumed drink’ across the world. New trends in this beverage are emerging every year and the beverage climbs up the ladder of fame.

Consumers are no longer satisfied with only a cup of Assam milk tea. They look for functional benefits and unexpected flavors in this brew. In other words, they look for innovative drinking experience. Here are some trends that are expected to come in 2019.


Rum and Honey Flavored Herbal Tea from Green Hills

People are becoming quite health conscious these days and showing interest in leading a healthy lifestyle. As a result, they are indulging into flavored blends instead of sugary beverages and alcohol. This herbal tea will provide drinkers the flavor of rum and honey in the same drink. This brew has no alcohol; instead they are enriched with a mixture of star anise, liquorice,apple and cinnamon.


Veggie Mix Infusión de Verduras Relax from Pompadour

It is vegetables in a new and completely unexpected category!Yes, it’s a fact! Demand for vegetarian diets and plant-based foods are growing nowadays. This beverage brings vegetables in a surprisingly new version. This brand of tea features vegetables in their list of ingredients. Do you know what this tea contains? It includes passionflower, cinnamon, basil, onion, apple,rosehip and tomato.


Daily Boost Green Tea from Lipton

Lipton has come up with a green tea variety that offers a blend of turmeric, lemon verbena and ginger. This green tea combines natural ingredients with additional nutrients making it a supercharged tea. This beverage tends to promote holistic lifestyle enhancing well being of the drinker. This brew has the flavor of green tea, vitamin C and aroma of lemon verbena and the tint of spicy ginger; can you think of a healthy drink than this?


Organic Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea from Organic India

Chamomile is a common herbal ingredient found in teas. It is popular for its relaxing property and calming effect. This beverage combines holy basil leaves, which are a great stress reliever, with chamomile. Thus, you can understand how beneficial this beverage can be. A cup of this tea is a great drink to relax. So, are you aware of these rising tea trends that consumers are to experience in the coming year? Only a few months of wait and all new flavored blends will be right in front of you!