Amy time is tea time! Whether it is morning, evening or night, a cup of steaming liquor will be just great! Now, which kind of blend should you drink these times? Well, with so many varieties of blends in the global market, why should you stick to just one type?

You can try different kinds of tea blends at different times of the day. It is only finding the right tea matching the time, mood and meal. Let’s find out the perfect blend for the perfect time…

Early Morning

Start the day with white tea. The palette remains fresh during this time and this light aromatic liquor with a subtle flavor is juts the perfect choice. Drinking black or green brew on empty stomach might cause discomfort. But, you will not have this feel when you drink white brew before breakfast.

A secret of white blends you should know. For major boosting of caffeine during morning, you should select top quality white blend and brew it in extreme hot water. Such hot water might not obtain an intricate flavor but it will definitely infuse lots of caffeine in the liquor so produced. For this reason, white tea is regarded as the “perfect brightener” for morning time.

Mid Morning  

Some of you might prefer to have a cup of hot tea in late morning that is just before taking lunch. Green tea blends are the right choice for that time because they boost up metabolism. It is a perk that provides extra energy for doing work at noontime.

Green tea does not need any additives; it can be drunk as it is. Therefore, it is pretty easy to adjust bitterness or intensity of its flavor. Steeping at low temperature means less bitterness. But you should increase the steeping time to take the pleasure of its rich flavor.


Black tea is the best choice for lunch time because of several reasons.

  • Firstly, it is widely available in restaurants and an easy go-to with lunch.
  • Secondly, it is less delicate and so, more resilient.
  • Thirdly, people generally find black tea an enjoyable companion with food.

After Lunch   

Pu-erh is the right choice for this time. Pu-erh is fermented before final drying and this makes its different from other blends. Due to this unique process, it is a correct choice for supporting digestion. Pu-erh has moderate caffeine content that keeps away afternoon slump but does not prevent sleep.


For early evening oolong is the right choice. Oolong contains caffeine but it doesn’t have the wakefulness effect like that of white and green blends. To reduce caffeine content, you should use small portion of loose leaf oolong tea. You will have subtle flavor of a delicate cup of liquor. Don’t want caffeine at all? Add some herbal infusion like Rooibos or calming herbs such as lemon balm and holy basil. This will help you recover stress.

Pure organic Tea is, in fact, a wonderful beverage that offers endless options for exploration and plethora of health benefits.