Are you feeling exhausted? Are you undergoing a diet regime and feeling less energetic in the winter months? Nothing to fret! It’s time to boost up your health and energy. With Darjeeling green tea, you can revitalize your body in the most astonishing way.

What is the use of a body cleanse?

Well, this is a common question. This type of body cleaning can help you get rid of the toxins built up during winter. Premium quality Darjeeling green blends are the best for taking good care of the body after winter months. This beverage rehydrates, gives refreshment and helps to clean up the system from all kinds of unhealthy toxins.

How to clean up with green blends

It’s very easy! Just start drinking a few cups of top quality Darjeeling green tea along with your regular diet all round the day. This healthy beverage will perform its magic in few weeks. Exercise, healthy and nutrient-rich diet and antioxidants present in green blends – all work together to flush out all harmful toxins from the body. In addition, they help you keep hydrated and boost the digestion system.

Since this beverage has very low caffeine content, you can sip a few cups of it all through the day without any fear. Feeling rundown?  Start this cleanse with green brew and you will feel better!

How to reap the maximum benefit from green tea cleanse?

Darjeeling green tea is not only effective for a body cleanse, the catechins and antioxidants in the finest quality green blends also offer a number of health benefits. Now, the question is how to enjoy the greatest benefits from these antioxidants?

a) Choose only the BEST

Purchase green blends only from companies known for marketing toxic and organic teas. Reputed companies can only provide varied kinds of premium green brew.

b) Properly steep it

Correct steeping of green tea ensures that you can take the greatest advantage of its healthy properties and antioxidants.

  • Never ever steep green blends with boiling water. It will destroy the delicate flavor of this blend.
  • Don’t over steep. Just 1 to 3 minutes and your premium green blend will be ready for sip. Over steeping damages the health benefits of this brew.

c) Don’t hurry...consume properly

While drinking green tea, enjoy every sip; do not just gulp it for the sake of drinking. Take time and appreciate your cup and you will find that cleanse will rejuvenate your body and mind.

So, try body cleanse with green tea today and experience its effectiveness! It feels really good to detoxify your body and refresh it.