Darjeeling is one of the famous tea growing regions across the globe. Situated in the foothills in the Himalayas, this region encompasses great weather, wonderful climate and picturesque landscape. Its panoramic view attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Darjeeling encompasses a canvas of natural beauty and hence, it is rightly called the “Queen of the Hills”. Much of its beauty is attributed by its lush green tea plantations.

Darjeeling & Its Tea

Darjeeling is a major tea producing region and exporter in Indian beverage market. Every year it produces around 10,000 kilogrammes of diverse kinds of blends. Its tea has a specialty that is unique to itself. No other blends across the world can replicate the taste and flavor of Darjeeling. Do you know why? The exclusive growing condition of this region attributes the special quality to Darjeeling tea.  

Special care, soil properties and exquisite weather condition are the factors that make Darjeeling blend the finest beverage in global market. The wonderful combination of sloping terraces, rainfall, soil and cool climate caters the exquisite muscatel flavor unique to Darjeeling teas.

Muscatel tone of Darjeeling tea makes it the “Champagne of Teas”. A cup of Darjeeling brew is perfect for leisurely sip as well as critical drinking. The fruity tone of this beverage is something that everyone likes.

Special Feature of Darjeeling Teas

There are numerous tea estates in Darjeeling and blend of each estate has distinct taste and flavor. But, there is another special feature of Darjeeling teas. As you know, Darjeeling blends are harvested three times a year, each harvesting season named as “flush”. Its uniqueness is - teas of every flush have its distinctive aroma and flavor, even if they are of the same garden. This means summer flush Darjeeling tastes differently from winter or autumn flush.

Loose leaf blends grown in this Himalayan region are called Darjeeling tea. The blends produced are tropical and evergreen. Do you know that storms occurring in Darjeeling also have a vital role to play in tea production? Yes, it is so… Darjeeling storms have an integral part in growing eponymous tea. To understand authentic delicate flavor of Darjeeling blends, you have to taste this brew at least once.  The beverage is as fine as the champagne. Darjeeling also produces organic variety of the beverage. So, if you want to take the pleasure of purest variety of tea, you have to drink Darjeeling tea.