Many like to start their mornings and wind their evenings by pouring themselves a cup of tea. Everyone have their own rituals. Perhaps it involves reading a newspaper, cuddling up with a nice book or listening to music while sipping a cup of tea. From masala chai to green tea, everyone has their favourite. So what do you get for tea lovers this Christmas? We've curated a list of Christmas corporate gift ideas for tea lovers:

  1. Assorted flavoured tea: There’s no better gift for tea lovers than tea. An assorted flavoured tea gift box that comes straight from the tea gardens of Assam or Darjeeling is the ideal Christmas corporate gift. From spiced masala chai to tulsi green tea, you can select different flavours.

As one of the flavoured tea manufacturers in India, we bring to you a premium range of flavoured tea that are artfully infused with traditional flavours. The fine quality of our flavoured teas have a magnetic aroma and distinct flavour that sets them apart. Our Christmas special includes Cinnamon Black Tea, Darjeeling Turzum Black Tea, and Darjeeling Balasun Autumn Flush Clonal Black Tea. You can pick from our wide variety of tea and create your own Christmas corporate assorted flavoured tea gift box. Get in touch with us, to get your Christmas corporate gifts ready. 

  1. Whistling tea kettle: It makes for an ideal Christmas corporate gift as it is a classic kitchen essential. Available in different colours, whistling tea kettles are good enough to make 3 to 4 cups of tea. However, when you are buying whistling tea kettles for gifting make sure that they are made from good quality stainless steel and have a wide handle that will make it comfortable to hold and pour tea.
  1. Tea mug with infuser: With the right tea infuser mug, preparing a cup of loose leaves can be as easy as bagged tea. An infuser tea cup can be used to prepare tea on the go. Tea mugs with an infuser often come with a lid that keeps tea warm for longer than a regular mug. You can customise the mug with your company’s brand logo or with a quirky message that will make the receiver laugh.
  1. Insulated flask and mug sets: If you are thinking of gifting something versatile, flask and mug sets are perfect. You can get the flask and mug sets customised with your company’s name and logo.
  1. Gaiwan cups: Drinking tea from a gaiwan, a type of Chinese tea cup, is no less than a treat. A gaiwan is a small bowl with a lid through which tea is poured and strained. For many tea connoisseurs, it’s the preferred drinking method. It is ideal for shorter infusions of a large amount of leaves. Porcelain gaiwan cups come in soothing hues. 
  1. Teapot: Tea lovers love teapots. A cheerful teapot can turn tea drinking into a special occasion. Teapots with wooden handles and shiny gold accents are quite trendy these days.

Gift hamper: Well-curated food gift baskets are elegant and indulgent and make outstanding Christmas corporate gifts. A lovely wicker hamper packed to the brim with a wide variety of treats including flavoured tea, English muffins, Belgian waffles, scones, honey, cookies and tea cakes is a great way to wow the receiver and show them that you appreciate doing business with them.