CTC and Orthodox are two popular varieties of Assam tea. Their difference basically lies in their mode of production. It is from the production style that the blends get their names. Now, there are some drinkers who wonder about what these two blends are and how their taste and quality are differ from one another. When you are choose between CTC and Orthodox blends, you should know their difference.

Orthodox and CTC – Their Differences and Impact

CTC teas are strong flavored blends and have the tendency to become bitter. Orthodox blends are of high quality, have multi-layered and subtle flavor. This variant has lesser chance of becoming bitter. The type of tea you purchase will determine the fragrance and taste it obtains. If you want to drink Masala Chai, then you should buy CTC blends. On the contrary, if you wish to drink black tea right away or with a bit of lemon and sweetener, then Orthodox blends are the best.

  • Orthodox Method of Tea Production

Orthodox blends refer to loose leaf variety produced in traditional method that involves withering, rolling, plucking, oxidation and drying.

Plucking – Leaves are carefully hand-picked. It can be a bud and three leaves or an unopened bud according to the tea to be produced.

Withering – Leaves are then laid out to wither before further processing. In this process, moisture from the leaves is completely removed so that they do not crumble while rolling.

Rolling – In this process, flavor of teas and their varied appearance develop. High grade blends are rolled with hands and low grade ones are done with machine.

Oxidation – Now, leaves are oxidized in which they are exposed in air so that oxygen interacts with enzymes in leaves and give them the reddish-brown color and change their chemical composition. The complex flavors also develop in this stage.

Firing – Final step is drying the leaves to make the moisture level at a low level.

  • CTC Method of Tea Production

CTC or Crush, Tea and Curl tea production is performed entirely through machines and obtains oxidized black blends. CTC variety is of lower quality and less price than Orthodox ones. In this method, whole processing is done in limited fashion and more rapidly. This method was invented for saving money and time. This method is specially employed for producing black tea.

Now, having known the difference in tea production methods, you can now easily decide which type you would like to taste. For more information, visit www.jayshreetea.com