Earl Grey…the mystery! What is it? What is the ambiguity? Well, the mystery is – no one can tell from its packaging and name what it is exactly or what the buyer will ultimately receive. What is Earl Grey? It is a kind of black tea with aromatic oil extracted from the skin of bergamot oranges. This citrus fruit is the hallmark of this blend, the flavor enhancer. The liquor so obtained has deep flavor, citrus aroma and bright color. In reality, there is no tea like this. It is only a style of brew. Farmers do not harvest Earl Grey. It is the sellers who prepare it by blending rich brightness and flavor of bergamot oil with the black tea. Perfect Taste of Earl Grey To sum up, Earl Grey is a medium-bodied black brew lighter than the English breakfast blends and refreshing. The distinctive characteristic of this blend is contributed by the perfect balance of natural, fresh and sweet-smelling bergamot and the tea. A cup of Earl Grey at times might have fruity or floral flavorings. This gives a “lingering sweetness” to the blend. It is sharp but not at all bitter.  Tips to Choose an Earl Grey      If you want to enjoy the real flavor of Earl Grey, you have to make the choice correctly. Here are some guidelines to help you –
  • What is its specialty?
Don’t look at the name in the first instance. Instead take a look at its ingredients. If the blend is made from anonymous teas produced in some unknown countries and contains the flavoring of anything, then you are advised not to go for it. You have much better options.
  • What is it? – Something deceptive or a good deal
If it is a deception: You will find a fancy tin containing aristocratic or royal heritage which implies that Earl Grey is transformed to pure royalty. Doesn’t it appear to you as a rip off? Isn’t it sound as if a frog is being transformed to a prince? Further the price will be also pretty high which Earl Grey is not worth at all. If it is a good deal: You will find a pack of whole leaf black blend from China, Ceylon, or Darjeeling having the natural and fresh fragrance of bergamot fruit.
  • Is there an option to make a choice?
Every reputed online tea companies have in-house blends, their unique creation. Search for some interesting blend which you feel can give something distinct. You can look for fragrant, fruit and floral flavorings in citrus variety. So, don’t only go by the name. Only shell out bucks for good ingredients when it is about Earl Grey.