Tea is often regarded as “super drink” and it has many positive impacts on the well-being of human beings. But, how many of you know that this beverage has some special effects on diabetic people? They do have… Many people like drinking milky tea but let me tell you that major health benefits come from green or black blends. No herbal tea, no milk, no sugar… Now, have a look at some points which clearly say why drinking tea is also good for people suffering from diabetes.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure Level
People having Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes are greatly affected by high blood pressure. A cup of green or black brew everyday helps to keep blood pressure in healthy condition.
  • Makes Insulin Sensitivity Better
When a person’s sensitivity to insulin reduces, that is, his resistance towards insulin lowers, he gets affected by Type 2 diabetes. Now, studies have shown that tea can improve this insulin sensitivity and lower the impact of diabetes. But remember, you should not add milk to your cup of golden liquor.
  • Lessens the Chance of Type 2 Diabetes
Are you suffering from Type 2 diabetes? Then you should start having 3 to 5 cups of black brew every day to stop this type of diabetes from growing further. Drink the tea as it is without adding anything else.
  • Reduces the Chance of Heart Disease
Heart disease is a common and a major diabetic complication. This complication becomes fatal for most diabetic people. A cup of tea helps to have a healthy heart.
  • Great Stress Reliever
Everyone one of you know that tea is a wonderful stress reliever. After a day of hard toil, a cup of black or green brew lowers the stress level drastically. They also control the level of blood pressure. Do you know that cortisol, the stress hormone, can raise glucose level? So, de-stressing with one or two cups of black blend is good.
  • Lowers the Propensity of Cancer
Diabetes can give rise of certain types of cancer like endometrial cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Research has proved that drinking tea everyday can reduce the risk of such deadly diseases. So, now you can very well understand why it is good for diabetic people to consume tea regularly. Even if they cannot fully cure the disease, they can at least prevent its growth. So, tea not only refreshes you but also helps to save your life.