Green tea has immense health benefit and contributes a lot to one’s well-being. But, many people do not know “which is the best time for drinking Darjeeling green tea?” consuming the tea at the right time is essential to have the greatest benefit of the blend.

Right Amount of Darjeeling Green Blend One should Drink

It is true that caffeine content in green blends is low but it is not good to drink more than 3 cups every day. You can drink green brew at night if you had the last cup around 2 hours before going to bed. It is because caffeine and warmth absorption is faster and hence, it will lead to more urination during night.

However, there is no reason to think that consuming green blend at night will hamper sleep. It is not at all the case. Instead, nutrients of this brew will help in burning fat while sleeping.

Which is the correct time to sip Darjeeling green brew?

Now, comes the important question that crops up the mind of many drinkers. To reap the maximum benefit of this blend, you should consume it at least 2 hours after or before any meal. That means, if you have your breakfast at 7am, you should drink your first cup of green tea at 9am.

Another very important thing you should never forget is that you should not drink Darjeeling green brew immediately after waking up. However, drinking green brew after a few hours of eating improves well-being and mood. Do you know why this is so? It is body absorbs the caffeine in green tea. Although Darjeeling green blends are not as rich in caffeine as coffee or tea, still it boosts up energy.

So, consuming green tea after food enables the body to absorb caffeine and nutrients of the blend. Why should you wait for 2 hours after having meal to drink green brew? The benefit is that catechins in green tea will not react with casein proteins which you might have consumed at the time of breakfast. Casein is slow-releasing protein found in animal proteins and milk which fill up your appetite for a long time.

Drink Darjeeling green tea as it is without adding any sugar or milk. It tastes amazing and also keeps you healthy and alert. But, keep in mind that you should have this beverage at the right time. This will contribute to your well-being more.

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