Darjeeling teas are known as the champagne of teas because of their unique flavour, impressive aroma, and nuanced character. However, without proper storage methods, the teas can lose many of its most enchanting properties. To savour the taste and aroma completely, it is important for you to know certain storage guidelines. Here, we share some of the best methods of preserving Darjeeling teas. 

  • Keep it in airtight containers:

When exposed to oxygen, tea leaves begin losing their flavour, aroma, and character. Opt for airtight containers and ensure that you keep the lids closed properly at all times. These containers prevent external air from entering, ensuring that the Darjeeling tea retains all its characteristics for longer.

  • Shield from light:

Sunlight and other forms of intense lighting can have a negative impact on tea leaves. Exposure to such light sources can result in the teas losing their vibrant flavours. Make sure that the airtight container you use to store the tea leaves is kept in a dark and cool place. If they are stored in transparent containers for aesthetic reasons, make sure they are placed inside shelves and cupboards, away from lights.

  • Embrace coolness:

Maintaining the optimal temperature is also important when trying to keep the flavour profile unchanged. If they are kept in too high-temperature conditions, the leaves will start to break down at a faster pace. You must store your Darjeeling tea in temperatures ranging between 10°C and 21°C. Also, avoid keeping tea containers near areas that experience drastic temperature fluctuations, such as near the gas or stovetop.

  • Dryness is key:

Moisture is another great enemy of tea leaves. Keeping your Darjeeling tea in places where there is greater moisture can cause the leaves to degrade. It can also cause the formation of mould, endangering the life of consumers. So, it is vital to store the leaves in a dry environment. An airtight container stops air and should also work well in stopping moisture from penetrating inside.  

  • Maintain odour neutrality:

Tea leaves can easily absorb odours from surrounding items, which hampers their aroma. To stop such accidental cross-contamination of flavours, store your Darjeeling tea away from strong-smelling substances, such as spices, coffee, and more. Tightly sealed containers can also prevent such contaminations and keep your tea leaves safe.

  • Minimise movement:

Tea leaves are delicate and do not fare well when they are moved excessively. Not only can the leaves break off, but the leaves could lose their essential oils. Once you have selected a suitable storage container, try to minimise unnecessary handling of the tea. If you buy Darjeeling tea in larger quantities, consider transferring a portion to a smaller container for everyday use while keeping the rest sealed until needed.

  • Avoid the fridge or freezer:

While the coolness of the fridge or freezer may seem appealing for preserving tea, these environments can actually lead to moisture accumulation when the tea is removed and exposed to room temperature. Additionally, tea leaves can easily absorb food odours in these settings, compromising their delicate flavours.

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