Darjeeling tea – the Champagne of Tea – is unique of its kind and needs different style of brewing it. Connoisseurs opine that Darjeeling brew should be drunk without sugar or milk. However, they appreciate adding a few drops of lemon juice to enjoy rich flavor and aroma of Darjeeling tea. Now, let’s come to Darjeeling green tea. More and more drinkers, today, are opting for green blends because of its health benefits. But, do you know that brewing green tea requires some tips? It is good for novice drinkers to know the brewing tips of Darjeeling green blends. Tips before Brewing Green Brews
  • Water – Use pure water to cherish real flavor of this blend. Natural spring water is the right choice.
  • Steeping – Ideal way of steeping Darjeeling blends is putting the leaves in a teapot. Allow to infuse and the filter it. Do not use infusion balls.
  • Time – Different Darjeeling teas have different steeping time. Therefore, it is important to know the actual steeping time for the green tea so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Pouring – To have a hot cup of tea, heat the pot before pouring the steeped tea into it.
Guide for the Beginners to Brew Green Darjeeling Blends
  • Use distilled or spring water for making green tea of Darjeeling.
  • Cool boiled water because green blends need low temperature. Cool it to 60-70 degree centigrade so that it can extract its health elements into water.
  • Take an open copper vessel for brewing this tea since wide vessels provide more space to the loose tea leaves for unfurling themselves completely. Therefore, you can have maximum satisfaction from your cup.
  • How much tea leaves should you add? Add one teaspoonful for a cup of water.
  • Now, it’s steeping time. Steep it for around 3 minutes in the vessel covering it with a lid.
  • Now, pour the liquid into a cup and you can at once feel the tantalizing aroma of Darjeeling green tea.
Your cup of green brew is ready! You can enjoy it in a relax mood sitting in your couch. Storing Darjeeling Green Blends To reap maximum benefit from green blends, you should store them in a proper container. Air tight containers are the best for preserving the rich aroma and flavor of green brews of Darjeeling. Also, make sure that it is stored in a dry cool place. Happy Sipping and Enjoy Your Health!!!