Our country is one of the largest tea producers across the globe earning 4% of its national income from this beverage. India has three chief tea producing regions – Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiris. Amongst these, Darjeeling tea and Assam tea blends are popular all over world and are also loved by all. Their tea estates are amazing tourist attractions for people across the world. Darjeeling and Assam are known for producing high quality black tea. In both the regions, this brew is produced from the same plant. This is the only similarity. Though the same variety is produced in the two regions, they have some distinctions. Let’s find out the differences between them… LOCATION Darjeeling tea cultivation takes place is in the foothills of Himalayas while Assam’s cultivation is on lowlands. Altitude of Darjeeling plays a significant role in the structure and flavor of its teas. On the other hand, ideal climatic condition together with rich clayey soil of Brahmaputra valley makes Assam perfect for tea production. FLAVOR Darjeeling blends are a bit spicier than Assam brews. Darjeeling tastes best when consumed without sugar and milk. Delicate muscatel flavor of this blend has made it popular as “Champagne of Teas”. On the contrary, Assam brews taste great with sugar and milk. This tea is also stronger than Darjeeling blend and has earthy and nutty nuance. COLOR Darjeeling brew is light golden or light greenish color while Assam brews are dark brownish. AVAILABILITY You will find Assam brews throughout the year because its cultivation is easy and different brands get involved in producing Assam tea very easily. Moreover, Assam has a larger area as compared to Darjeeling. Hence, its production is also quit high. As you know, Darjeeling tea has four harvesting season and therefore, it is also produced in smaller loads. SHAPE Tea leaves of Darjeeling are smaller in size than that of Assam tea leaves. There are also fine hairs on underside of Darjeeling leaves. PRICE Darjeeling blends are costlier than Assam blends because they are produced in small quantities and also, there are certain complexities with its production. So, to get the exquisite flavor of Darjeeling, you have to shell out a few more bucks. Which tea is better – Darjeeling or Assam? This is a debatable topic and everything depends on the choice and preference of the drinker. However, it is generally believed that Darjeeling blends are of better quality and have higher flavor and aroma.