Assam black tea holds a special significance for tea lovers, and with good reason. The rich aroma and taste of these tea leaves means they have unique characteristics that are only found in teas harvested from Assam. Here, we share some of the distinctions between the various teas when it comes to flavour profile and aroma. 

Flavour profile:

  • Assam black tea: These teas are known for their malty character. Assam black teas have a full-bodied taste, along with just a bit of sweetness. The liquor from these teas comes out as rich and deep. Because of such notes, it is a favourite amongst people who enjoy an invigorating cup. Buyers can look forward to fruity hints and notes of caramel from this tea variant.
  • Darjeeling black tea: Darjeeling black tea, on the other hand, offers a more delicate taste. Its flavour can be described as floral, with a beautiful blend of fruity and earthy undertones. These types of teas are extremely subtle, in both aroma and taste, which often attracts connoisseurs.
  • Green tea: Green tea’s flavour profile is more complex, ranging from seaweed undertones to a nutty aftertaste. The diversity in flavour for green teas is a result of limited oxidisation.
  • Oolong tea: Oolong tea sits somewhere in the middle of the bold flavours of Assam black teas and the subtleties of green teas. With a vast flavour spectrum, ranging from floral to woody, Oolongs are known to have a bit of astringency as well.


  • Assam black tea: The aroma of Assam black tea is quite bold and has a touch of maltiness. Its hearty aroma can seem similar to toasted grains. Such a distinct aroma imparts a lot of character to these teas and affects its flavour profile too.
  • Darjeeling black tea: Darjeeling black tea's smell can be compared to a bouquet of flowers. Besides the floral notes, their aroma also has a hint of muscatel grapes. Unlike the bold scents of the Assam black tea, the Darjeeling alternative comes with a delicate aromatic profile. 
  • Green tea: The type and processing method are significant factors that affect the aroma of green tea. Most commonly, such teas offer a fresh and verdant scent. Other types of green teas may also have a nuttiness to them. However, regardless of the kind, tea lovers can appreciate the distinct aroma of green teas when compared to the Assam black teas.  
  • Oolong tea: Oolong tea's aroma is perhaps the most diverse of them all. They can range from the floral to the earthy. Some also have a fruity scent to them. The degree of oxidation influences the aroma, contributing to the tea's complexity.

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