Malty flavored, strong and tart reddish brown liquor… What am I talking about? Yes, you have got it right! it’s the popular Assam black tea produced in one of the largest tea growing regions of the world. it is known across the world as the black blend and is generally referred as the Irish breakfast or English breakfast tea. Why do you think it is the right choice as a breakfast tea? Check the section below. Hope you will find an answer to this. Benefits of Consuming Assam Brew Assam black blend is not just a tea. It has considerable contribution to the wellbeing of an individual and that is why, it is good to start your day with a cup of Assam black brew.
  • Enhances Mental Alertness
Caffeine in Assam blend affects alertness and thinking process. Even if anyone experiences a prolonged period of sleepless nights, Assam tea can keep him awake. However, excess consumption of Assam can cause certain side effects. To avoid these adverse effects, do not drink more than 5 cups of Assam brew every day.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
Flavonoids in this blend improve the functioning of inner lining of blood vessels, different body cavities and cardiac valves. Thus, in a way a cup of black tea can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Assam black brew is also effective in lessening the problem of artery hardening, found especially in women. Lower the propensity of heart attack with Assam black tea.
  • Effective Prevention against Cancer
Assam blends have phenolic compounds which are rich in antioxidants properties. This reduces damage of reactive nitrogen and oxygen species in cells. This implies that Assam brew can effectively reduce the propensity of cancer. However, studies say that black tea can lower the possibility of ovarian cancer. Further, research has proved that men consuming more of phytoestrogens present in black teas have lesser risk of suffering from lung cancer.
  • Lesser Risk of Parkinson’s Illness
Drinking Assam black tea every day can decrease the propensity of getting affected by Parkinson’s disease. The more you consume this blend, the more significant the result will be. It implies that the more you consume, the greater is the chance of reducing the risk. So, are you compelled? Hope now, you can understand that consuming Assam black tea is not always bad. It can do a lot of good as well. Therefore, add Assam brew to your health regime today!