Every day when you browse the internet for some information on tea, you will come across a number of blogs. Isn’t that so? But, are all the blogs interesting or really worth having a look? There are some selected tea blogs which draw huge traffic and share interesting information about the beverage. Here are some handpicked blogs…
  1. Thirsty for Tea
This is the blog of Bonnie, a contemporary tea drinker. Her blog is a good place to visit, especially when you are searching for cool stuff like recipes with tea. She even recommends tea spots. However, an exciting feature of this blogger and blog is the tea crafts that she mentions.
  1. World of Tea
This is one of the well researched tea blogs that you will ever visit. When a tea geek is maintaining this blog, why won’t you like it! Besides being well-researched, the blogs are informative and comprehensive. It contains everything – from how to make tea cocktails or how this beverage is processed to different exotic tea destinations.
  • Jay Shree Tea
This is also one of the popular blog sites. You will get authentic, comprehensive and researched articles in this blog site. Its best feature is that it covers a wide range of subjects. There you will find interesting facts on Darjeeling and Assam tea, names of various attractive tea gardens, processing of making tea at home and in the industry, medicinal value of this beverage and so on.
  1. Sororitea Sisters
Are you looking for tea reviews? Then, this is the right place for you! They know their tea very well and share honest feelings about it. You will not be disappointed with this forum.
  1. Still Sleeping – The Teabox
Still Sleeping is the place where people narrate stories around tea and about tea. This forum tries to show how the fresh blends are delivered from the garden to homes. It shows how revolutionized this beverage has become with time.
  1. Teaxplorer
Through this site, the blogger takes the readers through a journey. Tea lovers having great passion for this refreshing beverage will find this site a real companion. The blogger will accompany them on their sensational travel and regal them with unusual anecdotes.
  • Chaiwallahs of India
Zach Marks and Resham Gellatly started a journey with this refreshing drink and found that a good portion of India is fascinated by this drink. Thus, they started to spread the stories of Chaiwallahs. Just love it! You must be having some more to add to this list. Right?