Can you point out a person who does not like Darjeeling brew? It is hard to find such a person. Whether an avid drinker or a novice one, everyone wishes to taste Darjeeling once in a while. People love this stimulating drink for its exclusive flavor, tantalizing aroma, refreshing nature and health benefits. Organic green tea of Darjeeling is packed with numerous benefits.

Here we discuss a few of these advantages of organic green blends from the Himalayas…

How organic Darjeeling green brew is beneficial for health?

  • Improved metabolism  

Green blends have low caffeine content and hence, increases blood flow to our brain but does not make heart functioning rapid. With faster metabolism, you can burn extra fat in your body, improve functions of different organs and glands and remove lethargy. Thus, in a way, you can control you weight too.

  • Fights diabetes

Studies have showed that organic green brew can keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay. It fights diabetes in many ways and also helps in improving cardiac health and vision.

  • Boosts immune system

Green tea is rich in polyphenols. It is a powerful antioxidant that enhances our immune system by blocking damages to DNA. When consumed regularly, this beverage can be a complementary to your regular diet. An antigen called Alkyl amine present in tea also supports immunity.

  • Gives refreshment

Having a cup of Darjeeling organic green tea after a day of hard toil gives a wonderful experience to mind and body. Amino acid L in this brew improves concentration and gives relaxation. If you consume this at a moderate quantity, you can lower your stress level considerably. Green blends are great stress busters.

  • Protects against cold

Tannins in Darjeeling green brews protect the body against viruses causing cold, influenza and chickenpox. Regular having a cup of this brew can give better protection against cold.

  • Make digestive tract healthy

This tannin is also beneficial for drinkers suffering from gastric and intestinal problems. Besides maintaining the health of intestine, green brews improves metabolism and therefore, fights against constipation problems.

  • Improves oral health

The presence of polyphenols in teas lowers plague formation and hinders bacteria growth. As a result, drinkers are prevented from cavity problems and tooth decay. So, tea drinkers have good oral health.

These are a few of the essential benefits of consuming organic Darjeeling green tea. But, remember, you should drink this beverage at a moderate amount.