A tea drinker will definitely like to have a great time with a cup of brew in his hand. Isn’t it? now, making tea is an art. There is no perfect method for preparing this beverage. Each drinker can make a cup according to their taste and likes and dislikes. Some people like strong flavor of Assam black tea while some relish on the muscatel flavor of delicate Darjeeling black tea. again, there are some health conscious drinkers who prefer having green tea.

So, there is so much diversity of tastes among drinkers. However, there are certain things that can spoil your cup of tea. People often make these mistakes. Check them once again…


  • Keeping Loose Leaf Blends In The Open

Exposing tea in air spoils its flavor. This is a common mistake that people make and their valuable tea gets spoiled.

  • Using Unfiltered Water

Experts recommend using filtered water for brewing tea as it gives the authentic flavor. If you use water directly from the tap for preparing tea, you can experience the difference in flavor by sipping the brew.

  • Using Improper Ration Of Water And Tea Leaves

Your cup of brew will certainly get spoiled, if you use excessive tea leaves or a little bit of it compared to the amount of water. Excess leaves will make the taste bitter and using little bit of it will not give proper flavor and aroma.

  • Over Steeping Or Under Steeping

Every blend has a specific parameter of steeping time and temperature. You have to creative and invent the correct steeping time and temperature for your blend.

  • Using Excessive Sweetener

Some blends like Assam black tea, taste best with milk and sugar or any type of sweetener. There are other blends which should be drunk as it, without adding any additives. So, when adding sugar, be careful and add them in little amounts otherwise it will be like gulping a cup of milk with plenty of sugar.

  • Drinking Tea With A Bad Mood

Does it sound weird? But, it is true. If you drink a cup of tea in haste or just gulp it, you will never understand what you have drunk. In other words, you will not have that exotic tea drinking experience. So, now you understand that there are certain factors which can together help you in having a wonderful tea drinking experience. Therefore, don’t spoil your tea.