Are you a veracious tea lover who desires to have more knowledge about Darjeeling tea? Or are you someone who is willing to start drink tea, but cannot decide from where to begin? Well, you are visiting the right place! We, at Jay Shree Tea, deal with a product - the healthy and favorite beverage of all – TEA. Now, what will you search for while purchasing any product online? Certainly, it is good service, experienced seller having complete knowledge of the product and quality of the product. You must be looking for an expert who can guide you and help you get premium product at a reasonable price. This is absolutely what Jay Shree Tea intends to do. It has been offering finest quality Darjeeling tea to retailers and customers for years. Why buy from Jay Shree Tea Spend a few minutes and scan our company before buying from us. We have numerous offerings from diverse tea growing areas in our gift basket for the customers and one of our specializations is Darjeeling blend.
  1. Locals know their products the best
Many staffs, employees and workers of Jay Shree Tea are natives of the beautiful hilly region of Darjeeling. We own some of the reputed tea estates in this Himalayan region. With the support of these locals and their hardships, we can yield finest quality blends for our customers worldwide.
  1. Get Darjeeling teas directly from the manufacturers
When you buy from Jay Shree Tea, you directly buy from one of the renowned tea producers of India. No middle man. Jay Shree Tea produces different varieties of blends from its own tea gardens and that is why, we can keep the price at a reasonable rate. Therefore, you are assured to get the best thing at an affordable price.
  1. Freshest Darjeeling blends reach you
At Jay Shree Tea, Darjeeling blends are packed right in the garden under the expert guidance of skilled managers. Freshly processed leaves are packed in such a way that its natural fragrance, flavor and composition are preserved till the cup.
  1. Assurance of best quality
Very few companies, like Jay Shree Tea, can give assurance of offering top grade blends from Darjeeling. We have tea connoisseurs and tasters who personally taste every variety of blends before trading them to the global market.
  1. Have the privilege of buying from an authentic wholesale company
Jay Shree Tea is a reputed name in the wholesale tea market. Being a wholesale producer, we can provide you with a wide array of different types of teas. In fact, our basket has all kinds of blends from India. Unlike any other wholesale company, we guarantee you variety, quality and affordability.
  1. Fast shipping without shelling out hefty amount
No sooner you place the order with us, our team starts processing the order and you are guaranteed to receive your pack within 7 business days. For Indian buyers we come with free shipping while for international buyers we only demand some extra bucks as shipping cost. What more do you want! Don’t settle for low quality blends. Get the best from us! Purchase from us and we will adorn you with exciting offers and gift packs! Visit to get the best teas at your doorstep.