Nothing can beat the heat of summer like a cup of iced tea! Quality cold brew iced tea is a refreshing drink in the scorching summer days. Among the many features that can make your tea stand out from the other is – you should make your iced tea yourself instead of choosing the bottled ones. Bottled iced teas can be over-sweetened or have some additional flavors. So, don’t you think that you should have a cup of iced brew suitable to your palate? Well, it is true that it is hard to prepare a bad cup of iced blend. However, you should know the easy ways of making GREAT iced tea. Now, the first thing that you should know is – there are three methods of preparing iced tea – hot brew, sun brew and cold brew. Let me share some simple tips to have cold brew iced blend. EASY GUIDELINES FOR COLD BREW ICED BLENDS 
  1. Use the Best Ingredients
Tea is the prime ingredient in this brew. Hence, to get a flavorful iced tea, you should use best quality blend. You should try loose leaf blends as they give full-bodied and a more complex taste. You can also experiment with floral fruity, mint, green or black teas. However, artificial flavors of spices, berries, ginger and fresh mint.
  1. Make use of good quality water
Experts say that water plays an important role in catering flavor to a cup of brew. Better water can make a good blend great while bad water can completely ruin the taste of top quality blends. Filtered or spring water is the best.
  1. Have knowledge about the right method
You should know the right method to make cold brew iced tea and do not just prepare it as you wish. Cold brew iced blends taste great when prepared with cold water and kept in the fridge for around 8 to 12 hours. If you do not steep it for long time, you cannot enjoy its subtle flavor.
  1. Have tea empathy
You know tea is a wonderful combination of intuition, art and science. To enjoy your cup to the fullest, you should know which variable can cater a unique flavor to your cup of brew. Less tea? Less water? More tea? Thumb rule is – listen to your mouth and just try, taste and savor.
  1. Make the mixture a little sweet
Want to make your cold brew iced tea taste a little sweet? Do not use sugar granules because they do not dissolve in iced tea. You can use honey, maple syrup or make your own syrup. So, you can make your iced tea taste better. Just remember these simple tips.