Assam Orthodox and Assam CTC teas are the two popular varieties of blends in Indian beverage market. Now, there are a few differences between these two types of tea. Do you know them? Their method of processing primarily distinguishes one variety from another. These two production styles are very much popular in Indian tea market.

Let us now check out the differences between these two varieties of teas…

Distinguishing between Orthodox Teas and CTC Blends  

  1. What are they?

You should first know what these two are or what they refer to. Orthodox blends are loose leaf teas produced in traditional method and hence, the name orthodox. CTC teas, on the other hand, are the method of processing black teas by means of a more advanced method than orthodox ones.

  1. Why are they produced?

Next, let’s find out the intention of producing these two types of Assam teas. Orthodox teas are produced to preserve singular virtues of tea leaves and CTC teas are produced to provide tea lovers with quality beverage at a faster rate. In fact, they are fast production of homogenized tea. Thus, the second variety can easily meet the increasing demand of the market.

  1. What are the production methodologies?

Orthodox teas are harvested in a traditional method and hence, their production is time-consuming and needs immense manpower. These blends are processed by hand to get the whole leaves. The process includes –

  • Withering
  • rolling of the withered leaves to obtain chemicals
  • oxidation to get the reddish brown color of the leaves
  • firing for getting the final dried Orthodox tea leaves

The whole process of producing Orthodox teas is looked after by a trained professional to make sure that the best flavors are extracted from the leaves.

On the contrary, CTC teas are produced in a conventional method and therefore, take much less time for production. It is fast mode of producing tea of consistent quality. In this process, tea leaves pass through cylindrical rollers with serrated blades that crush, tear and curl the leaves and obtain the granules of CTC black tea.

  1. What kind of flavor profile they have?

As compared to CTC blends, Orthodox teas produce more authentic tea experience. Orthodox blends of all types – oolong, white, green or black – have a delicate flavor. CTC teas have a generic taste and produces dark, strong liquor have a distinct astringent flavor. If you want to have masala chai or want to add milk to tea, then CTC is the best.

  1. What is their price tag?

Since Orthodox teas give an authentic flavor, they are highly prized in the beverage market across the globe. CTC teas do give the right flavor but they are much affordable.

Therefore, these are the basic differences between Orthodox and CTC teas.