If you are a tea fanatic, then you have good reasons to plan a holiday tour in India. This country houses some amazing tea plantations, each having its unique beauty and splendor. In your trip, you will have the chance to explore different tea factories and learn about the cultivation process of the different seasonal blends. Do you know that it is only in India that you can find finest premium Darjeeling and Assam tea estates ?

Now, let us quickly take a tour to some of the top tea gardens of the country.


  1. Puttabong Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Puttabong Tea Estate is located in the lap of magnificent Mount Kanchenjunga at an elevation of 1500 to 6500 feet. It covers a distance of 22 Kms and ends in Rangeet River. Puttabong is one of the biggest estates in Darjeeling and is also the first estate in Darjeeling Tea Plantations. It is the first Commercial Garden producing varied kinds of teas.

  1. Kanan Devan Hills Plantations, Kerala

As you can understand from the name, this tea garden is located in Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar, Kerala. Tourists are mesmerized to see such a manicured tea garden with unique bio-diversity. Thousands of tourists from across the world visiting Munnar do not miss this key tourist spot. It has the first tea museum of the country.

  1. Mangalam Tea Estate, Assam

Mangalam Tea Estate is distinct. Its bush plantation makes it the only garden of its kind. If you want to see working convenience, you must visit this garden to see how well planned it is. Mangalam estate produces high grade Assam CTC and Orthodox blends which fetch premium price in global beverage market.

  1. Happy valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling

It is the oldest tea garden of Darjeeling spreading over 437 acres of land. This garden has a few view points from where you can behold the stunning beauty of the mountains. Premium quality Darjeeling teas are produced in this garden.

  1. Risheehat Tea Garden, Darjeeling

This estate is located in a beautiful valley known for producing best quality organic teas. This garden has suitable topography and soil for the growth of Darjeeling organic blends. You can have the view of the magnificent Kanchenjunga from this estate. Risheehat is also famous for second flush muscatel flavor Darjeeling tea.

All these popular gardens, especially those of Darjeeling, offers certified beverage. So, which tea gardens are you planning to visit in your vacation?