Tea is a popular and a great beverage of all time. ‘Any time is tea time’. Tea drinkers are very passionate about this beverage and keep different kinds of fancy utensils for enjoying this beverage. Drinkers even try out new ways of preparing tea or making masala chai with some different spices. Tea is something that all avid drinkers relish on! Those who do not like tea or have not tasted it once will not understand this feeling. Lets us now make an effort to introduce this wonderful to non-drinkers. Here we will talk of some basic things that will hopefully make a non-drinker try tea, at least, for once. 1st Step: Find a blend that is great to taste and worth sharing with others When you want to convince your friend that making tour is just awesome, you should take him to Madhya Pradesh in the hot summer months. You have to give him and the beverage a fair chance. So, you have to purchase reputed brands and drink great blends. If you find its taste really good, present it to your friend. Try those blends which you think they might like. For instance, if a non-drinker likes sweet drinks but have not taste tea, present him with a sweeter version of this beverage. If he finds it great, present them a bag of it. 2nd Step: Teach without making the thing scary When you start something new, you always want it to be easily accessible. Isn’t it? Similar is the case with tea. Let your friends know that world of this beverage is vast and not limited to one specific variety or cup of brew. Make them understand the benefits of the blends. You have to do everything in such a way that they can relate easily. You can even give them a cup of matcha brew and try to know how they feel. Don’t they feel more energetic? 3rd Step: Boost up the moment with a cup of that golden liquor       In fact, tea is much more than only a beverage. It is a lifestyle. It is refreshment at the start of the day, a cup of calmness during afternoon, a breath before attending any meeting or relaxation after a day of hard toil. Try to show your friend or a non-drinker that tea is a huge event. They will find a beverage completely new to them and more honest than anything else. Sharing tea is a great way of convincing non-drinkers. Visit www.jayshreetea.com for world's best Darjeeling loose leaf tea and Assam loose leaf tea.